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News | Sep 10, 2021

Blue Prism Sees Growing Demand for Its Intelligent Automation Across All Industry Sectors

Blue Prism Sees Growing Demand for Its Intelligent Automation Across All Industry Sectors

Diversifying revenue demonstrates the value and versatility of Blue Prism products and solutions

LONDON, AUSTIN TX – September 9, 2021 – Conceived as a secure and robust robotic process automation (RPA) tool, Blue Prism® has had a successful history as a trusted automation partner with financial institutions, from retail banking to wealth management. Twenty years later, its leading enterprise automation platform is delivering substantial business value in multiple industry verticals across Forbes Global 2,000 and mid-market businesses.

Blue Prism’s success across industry verticals can be attributed to a strong focus on addressing the most important industry-specific business drivers with automation, for the greatest impact. In energy and utilities, Blue Prism’s intelligent automation platform is helping improve, among other things, customer experience, contact center operations, outbound customer service, and the use of omnichannel virtual agents.

This sharp focus on industry solutions has contributed to Blue Prism’s substantial growth, particularly within industries such as energy and utilities, the public sector, and manufacturing.

As part of their transformation programs, companies and organizations in each industry are looking at automation as a way to improve efficiency, quality, service innovation, workers’ effectiveness, visibility into operations performance, auditability, compliance and risk management. Companies are on the journey to more extensively apply automation for value creation across multiple areas: in customer operations and engagement, citizen and patient experience; in core business processes, from the underwriting process in insurance, to tax management, or payment management; and in asset operations – being factories, networks, pipelines, facilities or other physical and financial assets.”
Roberta Bigliani Group Vice President, Head of Insights, IDC Europe

In Insurance, Blue Prism continues to break new ground, using intelligent automation to streamline the entire customer experience, from quotes to underwriting, mid-term adjustments, renewals, and customer service.

In utilities, Blue Prism is working with prominent businesses such as Consolidated Edison, Inc., one of the largest investor-owned energy-delivery companies in the United States, to help realize improvements across the front and back office, including areas such as customer operations, supply chain, and finance. With dozens of automations in production, intelligent automation has proven a key component in supporting Consolidated Edison’s goal of delivering safe, reliable, quality service at the lowest attainable cost for its customers.

Blue Prism intelligent automation is becoming increasingly utilized across our organization and is a key factor in driving operational efficiency and effectiveness. By reducing the time our people spend on repetitive, manual tasks, we are able to redeploy the hours saved to both achieve bottom-line cost savings as well as invest additional time in value-added analytical activities.”
Jack Deem Finance Director at Consolidated Edison

In healthcare, too, intelligent automation is creating new patient engagement models that have been critical in addressing digital transformation. Blue Prism Solutions have played an important role in the fight against COVID-19. Areas of deployment include patient scheduling, remote consultations, logistics and supply management, vaccine management, and many more.

In manufacturing, a successful growth area for Blue Prism, an American agricultural machinery manufacturer has future-proofed its business using the robotic operating model (ROM). The company has automated over 60 processes, returning more than 94,000 work hours to the business every year, and has deployed Blue Prism digital workers in finance, purchasing, HR, manufacturing, marketing, and IT.

In telecommunications, British Telecom (BT) has used Blue Prism as its service provider of choice to roll out over 400 automation across the business. In one instance, it has stabilized the demand for contact centers impacted by the pandemic by using automation to deploy a fault diagnostics robot, providing an entirely new digital channel for its customers to reach BT. Customers can communicate issues to BT’s robot via text, automatically trigger diagnostic checks, and book an engineer visit to investigate the issue.

I see BT becoming a more interesting place to work. We’ll be a much more responsive organization. Using Blue Prism’s digital workers, we’ll be able to do what we do faster, which will lead to hugely improved customer experience and, ultimately, shareholder value.”
Christian Smart Head of Process Automation, BT

Now an integral component of digital transformation, Blue Prism’s industry-specific solutions are proving their versatility and importance in driving key strategic business outcomes.

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