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News | Sep 21, 2020

Blue Prism Interact Now Available to all Enterprise Customers

Thumbnail: Blue Prism Interact. Increase Productivity with Human and Digital Collaboration

Blue Prism Extends Core Enterprise Platform to Accelerate and Simplify Real-Time Interactions Between Humans and Digital Workers

LONDON, AUSTIN TX – September 21, 2020 — Continuing to push the boundaries of intelligent automation and deliver more value to customers, Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM) today announced further extensions to its core Blue Prism platform giving all users more options for real-time collaboration between human and digital workers. Blue Prism Interact is a human-to-digital worker collaboration capability that lets employees easily team up with digital workers to initiate, instruct, verify, receive, and authorize a variety of business processes through the digital workforce, and create natural real-time workflows across front, middle, and back office functions.

Interact brings attended automation and citizen development to a new level of accessibility and sophistication while still maintaining Blue Prism’s strict governance, security, resilience, connectivity, and re-usability capabilities. Available to all qualifying Blue Prism users, Interact continues the process of extending the intelligence of a digital worker with out-of-the-box features which now include, a development studio, orchestration, management information, intelligent OCR, and scheduling — all from a single license price and unlimited usage model.

With many enterprises adopting both digital and human workers, they are increasingly requiring more seamless, scalable, and secure collaboration between the two. Blue Prism’s cloud-based solution that adds a human and digital real-time collaboration is now being shipped as a standard feature with the Blue Prism enterprise platform in all formats, on-premises, and cloud, and is inclusive for all users utilizing v6.4 onwards, with ten or more digital workers and Premium Production Support.

Interact makes business-led no-code automation completely intuitive for non-developers and yet retains all of the enterprise discipline around security, connectedness, reusability, resilience, and audit that underscores Blue Prism’s approach to intelligent automation. The future of work will require humans to interact and collaborate further with the digital workforce,” says Jason Kingdon, Chairman and CEO at Blue Prism. “Blue Prism is accelerating this change by enabling more fluid workflows that help drive customer success and innovation. Our Interact offering allows real-time automation holistically and within the Blue Prism model of providing high resiliency and enterprise-grade security.”

Key features and benefits of Blue Prism Interact include:

  • Complete human oversight and control over all automation processes
  • Real-time collaboration support for both external and internal employee interactions
  • Design forms easily with a no-code interface that delivers more flexible automation and data inputs
  • Easy access for automation specialists, robotic process automation (RPA) teams, and an organization’s Center of Excellence (CoE) to configure and maintain automation processes
  • Flexible deployment options that include on-premises or as a SaaS offering.

“Interact is helping us reduce the time it takes to complete pharmacy requests for outpatients, freeing up over seven hours a day for the pharmacist that was previously caught up in admin and data entry. Most of all the accuracy and reliability of the new process eliminates a lot of follow-on problems and has been well received by everyone,” says Tom Slack, Process Automation Developer, at Great Western Hospitals. “The forms were simple to set up and the ability to manage customized views for different teams gives us the flexibility to expand this approach to automation into other departments securely. We are looking to leverage Interact more as we accelerate our automation strategy,” he added.

Use cases for Interact are equally diverse, as the platform is ideal for addressing more complex processes that require either manual initiation or collaboration between human and digital workers. For example, organizations can use Interact web forms in customer-facing portals or websites to initiate transactions, collect data, and process requests and inquiries. This can replace other unstructured communication channels like email to create a more efficient, real-time process.

“Human-robot collaboration is critical to managing long-running workflows and use cases requiring substantial human inputs such as in contact centers. Blue Prism Interact enables this collaboration through an interface for human agents and robots to exchange information or manage exceptions in near real-time,” says Amardeep Modi, Practice Director, Everest Group.

To find out more about Interact please click here.

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