Nov 20, 2019

Blue Prism Launches Comprehensive Choice: SaaS, Cloud, Hybrid, On-Premise and Any Combined IT Environments

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Award-Winning Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Software Ready to Support All Delivery Formats —Another World First for Blue Prism

LONDON, AUSTIN TX – November 20, 2019 — Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM) is pleased to announce it now offers all delivery formats of its enterprise-grade Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform. This unprecedented choice gives customers the freedom to select formats most suited to their needs and mix these deployment models according to their own requirements and migration paths.

This is another world first for Blue Prism in a long line of sector leadership. As the first company to invent the category, the first to scale its Digital Workers and the first to go public, Blue Prism is now the first to offer on-premise, cloud, SaaS and all mixed delivery formats to meet the evolving needs of customers. Blue Prism Digital Workers can be trained to automate “any” well-defined business process, making them the employment agency of the future.

“Freedom, security, scalability, and robustness are core values for Blue Prism customers. We want to offer the maximum accessibility because we know our customers’ value choice and freedoms from any third-party constraints. We have abolished the tyranny of technology formats such as Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and have also pioneered making all applications software programmable by business users; we have now made all delivery formats accessible, too,” says Jason Kingdon, Executive Chairman of Blue Prism.

Blue Prism is enabling a hybrid workforce of digital and human workers, giving organizations greater operational agility while allowing them to focus on strategy, service development, and other creative endeavors. This vision is made possible by leveraging IP acquired from Thoughtonomy, which underpins Blue Prism’s connected-RPA strategy with an extensive portfolio of automation solutions, allowing enterprises to future-proof their investments and easily migrate to the cloud as their needs evolve. In line with this integrated portfolio strategy, the existing Thoughtonomy platform will be re-branded as Blue Prism Cloud.

“The ability to make use of any digital resource, no matter what technologies it uses, is a core capability for Blue Prism and is part of our RPA mission to make the world’s R&D spend accessible to all, without barriers. We believe the remainder of the top-tier market will follow this initiative, maintaining and extending the RPA open-access revolution to all users,” adds Dave Moss, Blue Prism CTO and category inventor.

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