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News | May 18, 2021

Blue Prism Launches Version 7 - the Next Generation of Intelligent Automation

Blue Prism Version 7

New platform and latest product portfolio drive intelligent automation of the future at scale

LONDON, AUSTIN TX, May 18, 2021 - Blue Prism® (AIM: PRSM) announced today the launch of its new intelligent automation platform; radically changing the way human workers, digital workers and business systems work together to resolve complex challenges, regardless of infrastructure. This announcement was made at Blue Prism World, a world leading robotic process automation (RPA) event.

Intelligent automation is the enabler of true digital transformation and of facilitating a rework of core strategic business initiatives. Blue Prism’s future vision is focused on helping organizations respond faster and work smarter by orchestrating the work of human employees seamlessly alongside software robots to increase productivity, employee engagement, growth and competitive edge. With Version 7, Blue Prism has re-architected its platform. These changes support enterprises of the future as they achieve success and help to create businesses that can rely on the speed and agility offered by automation as well as the creativity, innovation and one-to-one attention of human employees.

As we continue to refine Blue Prism offerings and define a new tier of intelligent enterprise automation technology, we have prioritized investment in product development. The release of eight new products followed by the major platform release of Version 7, takes us towards programmable infrastructure, with enhanced cloud offerings and enterprise strategic automation at the core. Multi-tasking software robots that automatically scale and carry out end-to-end complex process automations move us away from current RPA definitions towards a greatly enhanced model of robot productivity. This, along with strategic business outputs and support for broader digitization and automation capabilities, is the path forward.”
Jason Kingdon Chairman & CEO, Blue Prism

Easier application building and modelling capabilities in Blue Prism Version 7 give greater visibility and control, making automatic scaling of an end-to-end digital workforce faster than ever. As companies look to the future, the following competencies will give them the scope to orchestrate a future workforce that is agile and productive, able to navigate ever changing market conditions:

  • Greater Scalability: A new secure server-based digital worker architecture with faster Control Room performance, giving data at a glance, will make it easier to expand and orchestrate the digital workforce across end-to-end strategic automations.
  • Greater Extensibility: An expanded API framework allows organizations to extend digital worker capabilities with artificial intelligence, with direct plug-ins into the wider ecosystem and a vast choice of best-of-breed applications and technologies, making it easier to build complementary technology on top of Blue Prism.
  • Greater Usability: The new browser-based Control Room provides always-on, real-time visibility into a company’s digital workforce from any device, anytime, anywhere. Operators can access intuitive dashboards and data views that give them valuable insights into digital worker performance, to address any issues immediately.

Version 7 comes as part of a significant investment in Blue Prism’s product portfolio, seeing the launch of eight new products including:

  • Blue Prism’s Decipher – quickly and accurately extracts and organizes structured and semi-structured data from business documents.
  • Blue Prism’s Interact – simplifies and enhances customer communication by saving time and providing seamless human to digital workflows.
  • Blue Prism’s Capture – autogenerates all key components necessary to form a process definition document (PDD), giving instant access to Blue Prism process outlines and significantly reducing time to automate by up to 25%.

With these product innovations, Blue Prism has made a commitment to help its customers achieve fast, scalable intelligent automations, enabling them to achieve true enterprise-wide digital transformation. An all-inclusive license means also that Blue Prism digital workers can be upgraded with further capabilities, adding significantly more value over time, at no extra cost. Now companies can easily double their digital worker capacity while delivering greater business agility, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and faster path to value.

As RPA platforms extend capabilities, the use cases become far more expansive. Pricing models that encourage all features to be exercised and all workers to build their own automation, allow organizations to get the full benefits of an RPA portfolio without worrying about the complicated cost nuances of what capabilities they're adopting and who is doing the development."  
Maureen Fleming Program Vice President for IDC's Intelligent Process Automation Research

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