Dec 10, 2019

Blue Prism Marks One Year Anniversary of Digital Exchange (DX) Intelligent Automation “App Store”

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Company Hits Milestones for Registered Users and Downloads

LONDON, AUSTIN TX – December 10, 2019 — Marking the first year launch of its Digital Exchange (DX), an intelligent automation “app store” and online community, Blue Prism today announced reaching several milestones including 1,700 registered companies accounting for tens of thousands of downloads of assets that enable convenient access to technologies from companies including ABBYY, Appian, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP and many others.

In addition, there have been more than 4,000 downloads of Blue Prism connected-RPA Trial and Learning Editions (after just two months of availability) giving customers fast access to Blue Prism within minutes of downloading. Every week new intelligent automation capabilities get added to the Blue Prism DX making it the ideal forum for augmenting and extending traditional Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities.

This market momentum can be largely attributed to Blue Prism’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP), now at 50 partners (14 Premier and 36 Affiliates), which allows participating companies to easily share their solutions by uploading them to the DX. The DX is designed to provide users with an a la carte menu of intelligent automation solutions, making it easy to scale automation projects through drag and drop capabilities. It provides access to the six key skills that every Digital Workforce should have including knowledge and insight, planning and sequencing, visual perception, collaboration, learning and problem solving.

“The adoption and growth of our DX community in just one year has been remarkable,” says Linda Dotts, SVP Global Partner Strategy and Programs for Blue Prism. “It validates the market demand for our Digital Workforce that is the catalyst and cornerstone for driving innovation. We continue to focus on providing choice that allows our customers to leverage legacy systems while providing access to the latest technology to create optimal business led outcomes. We are just getting started with DX.”

In addition to these milestones, Blue Prism announced that Ai XPRT, WonderBotz and Zarion have joined the company’s ecosystem as affiliate TAP partners. Below is a quick summary of these new capabilities now available on the DX:

Ai XPRT: The integration of Ai XPRT with Blue Prism provides enterprises with easy access to cutting-edge artificial intelligence allowing organizations to easily automate many risk and compliance processes from end to end. Ai XPRT’s use of AI and machine learning when coupled with Blue Prism’s connected-RPA offering helps enterprises realize improvements in their compliance costs, turnaround time and overall risk exposure.

“Together, we are building a mutually beneficial partnership which will utilize our individual strengths to achieve an unsurpassed level of automation, that no other vendor can match, when it comes to regulatory, compliance and audit capabilities,” says Bimal Roy Bhanu, Group CEO, Ai XPRT.

WonderBotz: WonderBotz, Blue Prism’s 2019 Americas DX Total Solution Partner of the Year, provides a suite of pre-built automation solutions and services that dramatically improve operational agility for the finance and operations functions within organizations. For the first time, WonderBotz is offering its developer toolkit as a standalone PowerPack enabling customers to more easily create their own custom automation solutions faster using these existing accelerators, processing engines and design patterns.

“Putting these capabilities on the Blue Prism DX is another game-changer benefiting our clients,” says Steve LaValle, WonderBotz Managing Partner. “While our pre-built solutions will continue to provide unprecedented value, the WonderBotz PowerPack will speed up development efforts while reducing risks for our users.”

Zarion: The integration of the Zarion Intelligent Work platform with Blue Prism means businesses can unlock the power of a blended workforce by easily deploying and managing robotic capacity in real-time enhancing productivity and performance. This open, scalable, platform is designed to be used by people across multiple locations, teams and business areas helping deliver the right work, to the right worker at the right time, ensuring alignment of business goals.

“The need to change, adapt and move to new ways of working is critical for the enterprise today and we’re excited to bring them on that journey. It’s about giving the business visibility and control of their people and digital workers, bringing them together as one team,” says Gerry O’ Connor, CEO, Zarion.

Joining the TAP is easier than ever with a new self-serve function on the Digital Exchange itself. To find out more please visit:

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