Mar 31, 2020

Blue Prism Teams Up with SailPoint to Deliver New Governance and Security Capabilities

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New Partnership Taps into the Full Potential of Identity Governance for RPA Market

AUSTIN TX, LONDON March 31, 2020 — Looking to extend its industry leading security capabilities, Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM) today announced a partnership with SailPoint, a market leader in enterprise identity management. This partnership gives enterprises added visibility and transparency into governing digital workers, resulting in improved compliance reporting, full automation lifecycle management and better security.

The integration of Blue Prism’s connected-RPA platform with SailPoint helps organizations maintain and control credentials of digital workers, including those that meet defined Separation of Duties (SoD) policies. By maintaining these credentials and granting access through SailPoint, digital workers can execute systems-based tasks, just as their human counterparts do, securely and at scale. This ability to disable or delete credentials quickly and accurately, while monitoring and auditing access, gives enterprises improved compliance reporting and full lifecycle management and security.

“Together, we will help our joint customers extend their identity strategy to include best-in-class governance over Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Software bots need to be treated like all other users within an organization,” says Ed Barry, VP of Technology Partners, SailPoint. “With the proper governance controls in place, enterprises of all sizes can have a bird’s eye view over what applications and digital workers can access according to their function in the business. This is an important next step in identity programs as today’s modern business continues to ramp up automation projects as part of their digital transformation efforts.”

A New Standard for Automation Security & Governance

The SailPoint Predictive Identity™ offering automates the management, provisioning and securing of user access, making it possible to see and control all user access to enterprise applications and data — in the cloud and on-premises. Blue Prism maintains a repository of credentials which can be granted access to Blue Prism roles, processes, and resources. As a result of this integration, businesses can seamlessly communicate between people, process and technology, optimizing identity governance workloads with a digital workforce that works securely and accurately alongside people.

As part of a typical workflow, digital workers routinely request access and manage identities, just like their human counterparts. While digital workers are not human identities, organizations still need to utilize identity governance as software robots often access sensitive business data and applications as part of their workplace ‘duties’. Much like human identities, digital worker credentials are at risk for compromise, prompting smart organizations to put the necessary governance and controls in place.

"We always adhere and support the highest security and compliance standards,” says Bruce Mazza VP, Technology Alliance Program at Blue Prism. “It is a Blue Prism hallmark. By helping extend the transparency, governance and security capabilities we continue to strengthen the enterprise grade features of our Digital Workforce through this partnership.”

To find out more information email direct to [email protected].

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