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News | Sep 9, 2020

Blue Prism’s Automation Becomes Smarter and More Capable

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Company Pushes Intelligent Automation Boundaries to Deliver Even Greater Value and Scale for Enterprises

LONDON, AUSTIN TX – September 9th, 2020 — Raising the bar and taking intelligent automation to the next level, Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM) is upskilling its digital workforce with new capabilities to deliver greater value. With new innovations such as Decipher IDP, Blue Prism DX e-commerce capabilities, and overall platform improvements, the digital workforce of the future is here now, enabling enterprises to drive greater operational efficiencies through automation.

“We’re on a mission to make work smarter and more productive, to free people to do great things—taking them to a future beyond what’s possible with traditional robotic process automation (RPA),” says Jason Kingdon, Chairman and CEO at Blue Prism. “We’ve listened to our customers who want more value from the next wave of intelligent automation. These new capabilities allow them to build out cognitive, dynamic, and scalable digital workers that learn and become more intelligent as you go.”

Blue Prism’s latest offering provides improvements in several key areas including performance, accessibility, and compatibility. This is a digital workforce that proactively learns, is centrally managed, and easily trainable for multiple duties across a business while maintaining total compliance and governance transparency with clear audit trails of actions and training history.

Document Processing Capabilities

Building on this automation foundation, Blue Prism continues to embed the latest cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and cognitive capabilities into its digital workforce. One such example is Blue Prism Decipher IDP, a software tool that makes it possible for users to scan, classify and extract data from a broad range of documents such as invoices, purchase orders, applications, and other business forms.

Available at no additional charge for existing customers with production support or above, Decipher IDP is an ideal intelligent document processing solution that can scan and identify data points—regardless of their format and location– then extract valuable insights from those data points for use within RPA processes. This offering acts as the “eyes” for digital workers in the automation process and puts the power of optical character recognition (OCR), machine learning (ML), and AI in the hands of business leaders to enable greater operational agility.

“The software is highly effective in quickly extracting the data we need from our business documents,” says Mark Ross, Business Applications Manager from Amcor Group GmbH. “We see great benefits in using Decipher IDP in supporting our commitment to excellence in delivering outstanding quality to our customers and partners using the next generation of automation technologies.”

Just One Click to Intelligent Automation

Blue Prism is also continuing to provide access to best-in-class innovations, and new and emerging technologies from the world’s most innovative companies. Through Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange (DX), users can access an “a la carte menu” of intelligent automation solutions, making it easy to scale automation projects through drag-and-drop capabilities, and making new AI, machine learning, data mining, and extraction, as well as other cognitive capabilities, accessible to download. It is a “one-stop shop” and marketplace for Blue Prism customers and partners to share best-of-breed intelligent automation solutions accessible with just one mouse click.

With a growing network of over 90 technology alliance program (TAP) partners, the Blue Prism DX helps to extend the market reach of these partners. Celonis, RPA Supervisor, Reveal Group, and Lateetud were the first partners to make their offerings available for purchase on the DX earlier this year, with Shibumi and Ultima joining last month. Blue Prism TAP partners are providing the “added muscle” to Blue Prism digital workers expanding the breadth of automation that can be done more quickly and accurately.

Anyone can join the Blue Prism DX community to market and position their offering today. To find out more please visit:

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