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Blue Prism’s Rapidly Growing Tech Ecosystem Drives Success

Blue Prism’s Rapidly Growing Tech Ecosystem Drives Success

LONDON, AUSTIN TX– May 5, 2021: Blue Prism® (AIM: PRSM) reveals how its customers are getting better business outcomes by having access to Blue Prism’s fast-growing ecosystem of partners whose solutions are available through the Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX) marketplace.  

Creating an ecosystem around automation is a key strategy for Blue Prism; an effort which is paying dividends as Blue Prism’s Technology Alliances Partner (TAP) program grows to over 100 partners strong. This plethora of service providers, their expertise and best-of-breed technology creates an entire store of automation assets that customers can access to fuel Blue Prism digital workers with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to extend their capabilities.

Customers have easy access to these pre-built automation assets and end-to-end processes via the Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX): Blue Prism’s marketplace for homegrown and partner solutions. Processes that may have ordinarily taken months to build are now available, pre-built, for immediate use.  This brings benefits for users who can rollout automation faster and for less, creating more value by saving time, money and resources across the business.  

Deutsche Bank uses Blue Prism partner Re:infer’s Communications Intelligence Platform to mine its unstructured data. The proliferation of unstructured comms is increasingly prevalent in everyday life: emails, chatbots, tickets and transcripts hold rich data that needs to be addressed at a speed impossible for human workers to process efficiently. Converting this data quickly is essential, particularly in a world where expectations of immediacy are higher than ever. Converting unstructured data into structured and quantifiable data means Blue Prism software robots can understand and act on this data quickly and effectively, enabling organizations to give better customer experience.

With requests coming in through multichannels, unstructured comms is a huge part of day to day life. With that backdrop, how do we respond quickly to clients? How can we help clients facilitate payments and transactions? Being able to navigate and create structure out of unstructured data makes it easier to respond to our customers, faster.”
Rushabh Shah Program Director - Robotic Process Automation, Deutsche Bank.

Zurich Insurance Group uses ABBYY’s FlexiCapture to process data fast for insurance quotes, relying on FlexiCapture’s OCR to extract data from structured, semi-structured and unstructured business documents to feed through to Blue Prism’s digital workers. This means Zurich can react faster to incoming quotes, leading to new customer wins. Automating with this joint solution has helped Zurich to cut through complexities created by existing legacy systems and stay competitive, after nearly 150 years of trading.

In our digital aspirations over the coming years, having a toolkit of best in class, specialist solutions that we can take out the box, train our people, design and then implement at speed, is invaluable. The power of ABBYY and Blue Prism is a strong one and is allowing us to connect between solutions for an end-to-end automation journey.”
Alastair Robertson Head of Automation, Zurich UK

Morton Salt is using Invoke’s ARIA in combination with Blue Prism digital workers to improve their customer supply chain, including their sales order processing (now overseen by a combination of human and digital workers). Using this solution, the team were able to automate the processing of 100,000 manual orders per year (saving 5,000 hours of human data entry) and deal with staffing fluctuations effectively. Team members were also happy as they were redeployed to more engaging and value-added work.

We challenged ourselves to rethink how we were doing business with a goal of being more efficient and effective. This joint solution represented a viable automation case that could support our uniquely different business segments and the decision was a slam dunk for us.”
Tim Wilson Director of Supply Chain, Morton Salt

Deloitte Tomhatsu Consulting LLC took the Salesforce connector from the DX, which already saved hours, modified it and shared it on their private DX with their inhouse automators to save even more time.

You can find best practices and a general idea of how to make a high-quality robot [on the Digital Exchange] ... By [using an existing asset as] the template … we can shorten the [development] time by maybe five or six hours.”
Met Vonghiran Consultant, Deloitte Tohmatsu Consulting LLC

These kinds of customer benefits are evidence of the effectiveness of the ecosystem, its assets and the DX that houses them. Over the past twelve months the popularity of the DX has led to impressive growth: 

  • User numbers have increased by 110%. 
  • Number of assets available has increased by 233%.
  • Number of TAP partners have surpassed 100.   
  • The customer base has grown 43% with customers saving over 400,000 development hours.   
Success is driven by customers’ ability to extend RPA with intelligent automation capabilities. Great intelligent automation is about sharing between our community: our ecosystem of partners and customers.  Our Digital Exchange community of 51,000 users is testament to the power of collaboration, through which we see results that stimulate real business impact and drive digital transformation.” 
Linda Dotts Chief Partner Strategy Officer, Blue Prism

The DX is available for anyone to use, reducing barriers for customers to access and make use of new automations. Partners too can join the TAP program with the, easier than ever, self-serve function on Blue Prism’s DX.

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