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News | Jun 24, 2020

Intelligent Automation Just Three Clicks Away with Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX) 2.0

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LONDON, AUSTIN TX – June 24, 2020 — Continuing to build out its community of technology partners and customers, Blue Prism (AIM: PRSM) today announced the re-launch of its Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX), "a one-stop shop" for easily accessing intelligent automation solutions. The “new” Blue Prism DX gives users unprecedented access to content, assets, and a vibrant online community that helps accelerate automation deployments while integrating them with industry-leading software to drive a true digital transformation.

The Blue Prism DX marketplace provides users with AI skills, connectors, functions, and complete processes that would otherwise take RPA developers from 8 to 24+ hours to build on their own. The DX has more than 500 assets available to download, from more than 100 active partners including 80 Technology Alliance Program (TAP) partners. Almost 70 percent of Blue Prism’s active customers have registered to download intelligent automation assets via the DX community. Adding thousands of new registrants every month, the capabilities delivered by Blue Prism DX assets remove the barriers to deploying intelligent automation solutions by giving customers easy access and fast integration to leading AI and cognitive technologies.

“We’re thrilled with the momentum that our market-leading community continues to experience,” says Linda Dotts, Chief Partner Strategy Officer at Blue Prism. “In less than one-year Blue Prism has amassed a community of 28,000 users and 3,000 customers, driving more than 35,000 downloads. This redesigned version of our Digital Exchange builds on this foundation while extending intelligent automation capabilities in a collaborative and secure way."

“Being part of the Digital Exchange has provided the opportunity for us to be part of a global community focused on improving corporate performance and driving real value for our customers,” says Ken Pellegrino, Founder & Chief Strategy Officer at Shibumi. “The connections with partners as well as customers driven through the Digital Exchange has created a stronger business for Shibumi, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Blue Prism.”

Digital Exchange Private

For those customers who would like to expand their connected RPA experience while meeting their own internal security requirements, Blue Prism DX Private offers a separate, curated view of Blue Prism DX. With Blue Prism Digital Exchange Private, a new instance of Blue Prism DX is provisioned for an enterprise. Blue Prism DX Private improves scalability, increases collaboration, and accelerates digital transformation.

Customers trust Blue Prism to let them securely scale automation, unlike any other solution. Now we can safely deliver more digital transformation via the securely governed DX Private:

  • A marketplace for Sharing Skills: Although some customers require a private sharing environment, they still benefit from access to the hundreds of unique AI and cognitive skills available on Blue Prism Digital Exchange. Any assets they vet may be included in their private marketplace.
  • Privacy and Security: The first requirement for many customers, particularly those that deal with personally identifiable information, is limited potential for security breaches. The private instance of a Digital Exchange allows the client to only allow connections to their properties that meet their stringent standards for security. Furthermore, their proprietary assets remain private to their enterprise to prevent outside interference and to bypass Blue Prism QA requirements.
  • Collaboration: Rather than limiting collaborative problem-solving to internal resources, DX Private allows teams to form with external guests (partners, consultants, subject matter experts). Products remain within the enterprise domain after the team dissolves.

New Marketplace Capabilities

Through this latest iteration of the DX, Blue Prism is also making it easier for technology partners and developers to list and sell their intelligent automation capabilities. The marketplace functionality found on the DX gives companies like Celonis, RPA Supervisor, Reveal Group, and Lateetud an easy way to make their assets available for purchase.

  • Celonis: Celonis Automation Optimizer makes it possible to quickly and efficiently discover, prioritize and monitor automation opportunities. Combining Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce with Celonis Automation Optimizer can help enterprises determine which processes are standardized enough to benefit from RPA while ensuring that it is done in a sustainable, scalable way.
  • RPA Supervisor: Helping enterprises scale their automation initiatives, RPA Supervisor increases ROI by providing orchestration and prioritization, monitoring, and issue handling with customizable dashboard and live notifications capabilities. It ensures that a company’s Digital Workforce is always operating at full capacity and prioritizing the most important work.
  • Reveal Group: Reveal Group now offers Reveal RoboReview™ on the DX making instant code reviews a reality. It empowers automation teams through proactive self-service checks to generate immediate feedback in line with Blue Prism best practices, every time. RoboReview significantly reduces the effort and skill level required to automate processes while improving quality, re-usability, and adherence to best practices.
  • Lateetud SBA PPP Automation Solution: Lateetud provides an end-to-end solution to automate SBA PPP loan applications and Loan Forgiveness. This solution has already helped many banks handle the massive surge in PPP applications from their customers. The SBA PPP Automation solution completely automates the process from inception to e-Tran entry and front-end portals for customer interaction and end-to-end case management. The impact allows Lenders to expand processing capacity by at least 15 times and the solution can be deployed in under a week.

“Together, Celonis and Blue Prism are driving real enterprise digital transformation that delivers on the promise of changing the way work is done and improving customer experience,” says Matthias Hoefler, Global Business Development, Celonis. “The power of automation coupled with insights can help generate long-term sustainable business value and an undeniable ROI.”

The Blue Prism DX offers a wealth of content, free video tutorials, and access to an innovative community of automators. Check out our redesigned home page here to get started.

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