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News | Dec 15, 2021

Blue Prism Identifies Seven Lessons Shaping Today’s Intelligent Automation

Blue Prism identifies seven lessons shaping today’s intelligent automation

By highlighting the successes and challenges that automation heroes, sidekicks, and stragglers face, HFS and Blue Prism offer seven important lessons for enterprise leaders

LONDON, AUSTIN TX – December 15, 2021 - Blue Prism, a global pioneer in intelligent automation (IA), has partnered with leading analyst firm HFS Research to create the Seven lessons shaping today’s automation leaders. The executive research report sets out to understand how mindsets have changed throughout the pandemic and the extent to which enterprises have developed a comprehensive and cohesive automation discipline across their businesses.

The change in the enterprise mindset towards technology and automation has gone through a pragmatic revolution since the pandemic. We have to approach all future automation in the cloud if we want our processes to run effectively end-to-end, which means we need effective, scalable technology to make this all possible. In identifying ‘automation heroes, sidekicks and stragglers,’ this research provides seven important lessons that all enterprise leaders can benefit from in pursuit of realizing real, strategic value from their automation investments.”
Phil Fersht CEO and Chief Analyst, HFS Research

To better understand how automation needs to evolve to post-pandemic business goals, HFS Research surveyed and conducted interviews with 200 senior executives across Global 2,000 enterprises. When asked which platforms had the most significant impact on their automation efforts, 18% of respondents voted for Blue Prism’s intelligent automation platform, placing it well ahead of other RPA vendors in the market.


The report emphasizes the need for platforms such as Blue Prism’s that facilitate strategic use of intelligent automation, and uncovers how major enterprises are organizing their automation efforts, their successes, challenges, opportunities, and desired outcomes.

Stragglers, defined as organizations still experimenting with pilot projects or struggling to deploy the licenses they have acquired, were identified along with automation sidekicks and heroes, which have already deployed robotic process automation (RPA) at differing scales across enterprise functions and are achieving a range of business benefits.

Intelligent automation is fundamentally changing how businesses reimagine ways of working with a unified workforce, digital first, people enriched. We’re ready to assist business leaders by bringing our understanding of intelligent automation tools, and giving them the capabilities and insight they need to help it become the foundational operating system in the enterprise.”
Danny Major SVP Product, Blue Prism

By comparing the automation heroes with stragglers, the report revealed seven important lessons on realizing strategic value from automation investments:

1. If you wish for a band-aid, you will get a band-aid.

2. Automation, the cloud, and the nexus of data are all vital for success.

3. Automation needs a C-level push and an employee-level pull to be successful.

4. Automation success requires diversified investments across the technology stack.

5. Use automation to “automate.”

6. A unified workforce mindset is a prerequisite to automation success.

7. Engage with an expert when help is needed.

    Hero organizations are leading the way with the adoption of these lessons and are discovering real, transformative outcomes rather than fragmented quick-fixes. To understand how to implement and reap the full benefits of these lessons, read the Seven lessons shaping today’s automation leaders report in full.

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