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News | May, 10th 2022

SS&C Launches Blue Prism Desktop to Optimize Desktop Process Management

SS&C Launches Blue Prism Desktop to Optimize Desktop Process Management

Blue Prism Desktop enables businesses to securely and centrally execute automated desktop processes, reducing governance and security risks

WINDSOR, CT, May 10, 2022 (PRNewswire) – SS&C Technologies Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: SSNC) today announced the launch of SS&C Blue Prism Desktop (“Blue Prism Desktop”), a desktop automation solution. Blue Prism Desktop helps guard against operational vulnerabilities resulting from human interaction, including governance and security risks.

The Blue Prism Desktop platform helps users to:

  • Reduce desktop processing risks, including human interactions such as log-ins, task initiation, and user-specific applications
  • Create transparency and trusted audit trails. Organizations gain visibility over centrally controlled processes with strict user-access controls, multi-level change approvals and intelligent automation software automatically logging every action
  • Automate high-volume, time-consuming and often data-sensitive tasks at scale. The user-friendly interface and centrally governed platform allow businesses to achieve higher output securely.
  • Comply with various IT and security standards and regional regulatory guidelines. SS&C Blue Prism partners with top-tier security technology providers worldwide.
Enterprises need reliable automation solutions to securely address tasks and use cases across the entire business. Blue Prism Desktop will enable organizations to capitalize on the full potential of desktop automation without compromising on governance or compliance. In addition, our centrally developed and validated processes give organizations the peace of mind and confidence they need to operate at their full capacity and potential.”
Danny Major SVP Product, SS&C Blue Prism
Innovation platforms can accelerate your innovation activity as they help connect the right people to work on the right ideas. Enterprises cannot tackle innovation in isolation and need to leverage a systematic approach to co-innovation. Understanding the dynamics and different roles of innovation networks becomes a critical capability for differentiation and growth."
Bernhard Schaffrik Principal Analyst at Forrester

More than 2,800 customers globally run their operations on SS&C Blue Prism and SS&C Chorus, digitizing operations across financial services, insurance, health and pharma, banking, and more. To learn more about Blue Prism Desktop and how it could support your automation ambitions, please visit here.

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