What is RPA?

Blue Prism's connected-RPA Platform is an intelligent automation ecosystem comprised of advanced technologies, and a community of experts, researchers and providers that enables your people to create and customize innovative automations for unique tasks.

Blue Prism’s enterprise RPA products help you:

  • Deliver a 24/7 connected Digital Workforce across your entire network or wherever your business needs it most.
  • Accelerate automations and improve customer experiences with RPA, advanced AI, and the scalability of the cloud.
  • Gain instant access to a pool of intelligent Digital Workers with pre-integrated AI skills and the option for cloud, hybrid and on-premises deployments.
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With a Blue Prism Digital Workforce, you can design the future of work, one process at a time.

What Makes Blue Prism Different?

  • Our Digital Workers are separate from the process
    In traditional RPA & RDA solutions bots ARE the process, and that’s simply not scalable.
  • Everything is centrally managed
    Process objects are completely sharable and reusable, plus no one can tamper with the audit log.
  • Our Digital Workers are intelligent & they learn
    In just three clicks every Blue Prism Digital Worker can have AI and cognitive capabilities that mimic humans.
  • Turn-key automation for business-users
    Everything you need to deploy and scale an enterprise-wide Digital Workforce is included out of the box.

*Advanced and additional technological capabilities can be purchased

Blue Prism’s connected-RPA platform is available for both on-prem and SaaS deployments

The Four Components of Connected-RPA

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Intelligent RPA Platform

  • Intelligent automation with code-optional process building and AI
  • Analytics & reporting to establish insight & drive continual value
  • Built-in security and governance controls to support compliance and scale
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The Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX)

  • An online marketplace for automation technologies
  • Download & drag-and-drop AI, ML, OCR & cognitive solutions from Google, IBM, & hundreds more
  • Search for technologies by intelligent automation skill
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Blue Prism Skills

  • Six digital capabilities embedded in every Blue Prism Digital Worker
  • Enables Digital Workers to complete tasks with human-like capability
  • Creates building blocks for a smarter, more powerful, and more collaborative Digital Workforce

Blue Prism Communities

  • Online forums for learning and sharing, supported by expert-level Blue Prism user and partner tools & technologies to realize “the art of the possible”
  • Formal AI labs with AI-experienced, PhD-level staff

Code-optional RPA for Every Need

Blue Prism’s business-led design incorporates a code-optional environment to accommodate the needs and goals of both traditional business users and the technology-savvy.


Security & Governance


Blue Prism partners with top-tier security technologies to implement best practices that guarantee data integrity by implementing strict user-access controls, multi-level change approvals, and a segregated interference-free processing environment.


Blue Prism’s audit trail is centrally stored and tamper-resistant, so no one can alter or falsify it, and delivers irrefutable non-repudiation in the event of noncompliance allegations or an audit.

Audit Trails

Blue Prism’s comprehensive activity logs create an evidence-based audit trail of every single system event that can be used to show proof of compliance.

Designed for Your Business

Regardless of your industry, Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce can adhere to strict governance and compliance standards without limiting productivity. We are proud to offer RPA to the following industries:

Automation you can bank on…

Intelligent automation is grown-up, governed, enterprise-ready, people-first automation that’s smart, secure, scalable and way more successful than desktop task-bots.

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