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The Power of Intelligent Automation & AWS Cloud


The Blue Prism and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnership combines a reference architecture for AWS and the computing power of AWS cloud with Blue Prism Intelligent Automation for scalable deployment of AWS’ artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) services.

Blue Prism’s reference architecture for AWS, plus our API integrations with Rekognition and Comprehend, help support enterprise investments in cloud, virtualization, analytics, and emerging AI platforms – in addition to the efficient automation of complex workloads.

Enterprises can easily add AWS AI and machine learning technologies to any Blue Prism process to expand horizons for autonomy, increase process scope and transaction speed, boost revenue, and decrease costs. Our API integrations with AWS services include:

  • Rekognition : Includes video and image analysis; detection of objects, faces, people and unsafe content; and optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities to extract text.
  • Comprehend: Includes extraction of key phrases, sentiments, and topics across domains – including finance, health, media, telecommunications, education, and government.

Enterprises can also manage the integration of these services and the automation of Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce from a single platform that includes non-repudiation functions for all collected logfiles – giving organizations highly secure, centralized control of all RPA processes.

“Blue Prism’s API integrations take these technologies to the next level and open the door to a myriad of new and more sophisticated use cases for RPA.”
David Moss CTO & Co-Founder, Blue Prism

Intelligent, adaptable

Intelligent, adaptable: Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce offers a seamless bridge between AWS and any legacy application.


Intelligent Automation platform that grows smarter with every transaction and charts a path to digital transformation for any organization.

“Drag & Drop” AI

Instant connection to AWS RESTful API integrations makes adding machine learning and AI capabilities as easy as dragging and dropping services within Blue Prism into any enterprise business workflow.

Secure & audit-ready

Total policy compliance and non-repudiation with central management, plus CA Veracode Verified certification and support for PCI-DSS, HIPAA and SOX compliant processes.

Blue Prism Cloud Partners


The Blue Prism/Google strategic alliance is a close technical collaboration that includes a joint reference architecture for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and full integration with a range of Google cognitive and AI services that can be easily incorporated into automated enterprise business processes.

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The Blue Prism/IBM partnership gives enterprises a cloud-based Intelligent Automation platform with a reference architecture for IBM Cloud to make collaborating and combining the efforts of people, processes, and technologies a seamless experience.

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Blue Prism can be provisioned through Azure Cloud and integrated with Microsoft Cognitive Services to bring customer digital strategies to life quickly, securely, and with full compliance for regulated industries.

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Partners & Alliances

A growing community of organisations dedicated to delivering the best possible skills and expertise, raising the cross-industry benchmark for quality.

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Training Partners

All authorized Training Partners and Certified Blue Prism Delivery Partners are authorized to provide Blue Prism developer training via a blend of standard Blue Prism training courses and their own additionally developed courses and modules.

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Technology Partners

The Blue Prism Technical Alliances Program (TAP) is designed to assist our partners in expanding their base of customers and prospects through enhanced offerings. By partnering with Blue Prism you can enjoy: accelerated product development, expanded market awareness, and an increase in sales of your complementary products.

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