Blue Prism and AWS: Intelligent automation and advanced machine learning


From advanced AWS machine learning (ML) capabilities to running Blue Prism digital workers on AWS cloud, Blue Prism has you covered, including:

  • Native integrations with select AWS machine learning services
  • Choices for using Blue Prism on AWS, including purchasing and deploying Blue Prism straight from the AWS Marketplace, or with a bring your own license (BYOL) option
  • A certified reference architecture to help you navigate on-premise deployment on AWS in your own IT environment

Native integrations for AWS Machine Learning Services

Blue Prism offers select native integrations with in-demand AWS machine learning technologies, all of which can be accessed through the Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX):

Amazon Textract: Advanced document analysis integration so you can automate the extraction of structured data from any document

Amazon Comprehend: Natural language processing to extract insights about the content of documents – including healthcare specific content with Comprehend Medical

Amazon Chime: a communications service that lets you meet, chat, and place business calls using a single application.

Amazon Rekognition: Deep learning powered image recognition service to integrate powerful visual analysis into any automation

Amazon Connect: Native integration with Amazon’s cloud-based contact center solution

Amazon Translate: Uses advanced machine learning for high quality text translation on-demand

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Scalable choices in the cloud: AWS

Blue Prism’s certified reference architecture for AWS gives organizations multiple options for scalable enterprise automation, including:

RPA Cloud Choices

On-premise: Run Blue Prism on AWS cloud in your own IT environment.

NEW! Bring Your Own License (BYOL): Existing customers transitioning to the cloud can now use their Blue Prism digital worker licenses on AWS Marketplace, plus easily add AWS AI, machine learning and other services.

NEW! Purchase directly from AWS Marketplace: Immediately spin up digital workers with select, pre-loaded AWS machine learning technologies to start — or expand — your automation journey in the cloud.