Experience the Full Range of
Google Intelligent Services
on Blue Prism


The Blue Prism / Google strategic alliance is a technical collaboration that includes full integration with a range of Google cognitive and AI services that can be easily incorporated into any Blue Prism process. We also offer a joint reference architecture for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that makes it easy to scale Blue Prism's intelligent automation solution on GCP.

Scalable choices for AI in the cloud: Google Cloud Platform and Google Intelligent Services

RPA Cloud Choices

Easily incorporate on-demand Google AI technologies into Blue Prism automations and expand horizons for autonomy, increase process scope and transaction speed, boost revenue, and decrease costs. Native RPA integrations include:

  • Integration with Google Intelligent Services through RESTful APIs, including Text Analytics (natural language understanding), visual recognition and language translation

  • Integration with Google Chrome

  • Advanced analytics support via Google Cloud BigQuery: Data can be passed to BigQuery (via pub/sub integration) or Google Cloud Storage

  • Integrated machine learning workflows and insights via Google Cloud ML Engine

  • Google Authentication: Built-in support within Blue Prism’s secure credential store

  • Google Cloud Storage: Blue Prism can read or write directly to cloud storage

  • Ability to support structured and unstructured content

Experience Blue Prism's Intelligent RPA Platform

Blue Prism’s digital workforce offers a seamless bridge between Google Cloud Platform and any legacy application.

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