Blue Prism and IBM:
Redefining the future of work

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The Blue Prism / IBM partnership includes integrations with several IBM Watson cognitive tools, as well as jointly developed API integrations as part of the IBM Automation Platform for digital business with Blue Prism RPA.

Scalable Choices in the Cloud: IBM

We incorporate jointly developed API integrations, the IBM Digital Automation platform’s low-code tools, and the cognitive power of IBM Watson into Blue Prism to address interoperability between automation platforms.

RPA Cloud Choices

Organizations gain access to Blue Prism, plus an array of IBM DBA digital transformation tools, including business process management (BPM), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and optical character recognition (OCR).

The result is a single solution that solves the problem of interoperability between disparate technologies and an instant connection to IBM Watson to incorporate text analytics / language understanding, translation and visual recognition into any automation.

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