Blue Prism Cloud IADA™

An AI-enabled supervisor that automatically orchestrates digital worker activities

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The Intelligent Automation Digital Assistant (IADA) manages digital worker activities to maximize productivity, increase return on investment, and optimize performance.

Organizations faced with managing hundreds of Digital Workers also run the risk of digital workforce ‘white space’ caused by inefficient manual scheduling – essentially eroding their business case for expanding automation capabilities.

Blue Prism Cloud IADA™ uses machine learning predictive models combined with weighting of work-based service levels to manage and oversee the usage, efficiency and productivity of an organization’s Digital Workforce – focusing on the business requirements of every automation and real-time fluctuations in business volumes to optimize performance.

Advantages of Blue Prism Cloud IADA™ include:

  • Removes the scalability barrier of scheduling
  • Better overall management capabilities
  • Optimal real-time utilization of the Digital Workforce in response to fluctuating business volumes drives higher automation ROI
  • Machine learning continually refines and improves utilization by observing technical infrastructure behavior, including network and application performance

AI Advantages with IADA

Blue Prism Cloud IADA™ delivers machine learning-based orchestration to better manage and oversee the use and efficiency of an organization’s Digital Workers

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Flexible Deployment:

A cloud-based SaaS product that connects to Blue Prism environments that can be deployed either on-premises or via private or public clouds.

Increased RPAROI

Increased RPA ROI:

Companies get the benefits of a proactive manager that maximizes digital worker utilization – no matter how complex the processes or how great the volume of work.

Smarter Work Management

Smarter work management, better insights:

BP Cloud IADA™ aligns business metrics to workloads to drive execution priorities via business SLAs.

Predictive AI

Predictive AI means more work is done more efficiently:

As an organization’s Digital Workforce executes tasks, the data gleaned from those tasks fuels an AI predictive model that allows for the interpretation of application and network performance so that work is distributed accordingly to maximize Digital Workforce utilization.

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