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Intelligent Automation Skills

Digital Workers have six built-in digital skills so you can create innovative and powerful automations.

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A Smarter, More Powerful Digital Workforce

Knowledge Small
Knowledge & Insight
Visual Small
Visual Perception
Learning Small
Problem Small
Problem Solving
Collaboration Small
Planning Small
Planning & Sequencing
Knowledge Large

The ability to scan data sets and knowledge bases to extract data and compile it into customized formats.

Skills Use-Cases

Companies of all sizes around the globe are using Blue Prism's Intelligent Automation Skills and AI capabilities to explore the art of the possible. Below are some practical examples of Intelligent Automation Skills delivering business value.

Text & Speech Translation

  • Unifying global customer service requests by translating to and from customer and support primary languages​
  • Implementing real-time translation in virtual meetings


OCR & Computer Vision

  • Dynamically transform scanned claims forms into actionable data for use with RPA processes​
  • Transform secured faxes into searchable text-embedded formats


Cryptographic & Blockchain Technology

  • Securely analyze millions of transactions to proactively prevent fraud and money laundering activities


Understanding Language and Emotion

  • Separating and elevating customer support requests by measuring intensity or happiness of customer emails, chats, or voice messages


Machine Learning Models & Analytics

  • Enhancing chatbot capabilities by predictive responses based on current and historical datasets​
  • Leveraging self-enhancing unattended ML models to identify anomalies


Elastic Search & Text Analytics

  • Automatically mining Big Data and archival records to extract historical data research and BI analytics
  • Dynamically verifying legal compliance on complex contracts

No-code RPA and AI

Pre-built processes and open APIs that instantly empower Digital Workers with cutting-edge technologies so you can deliver the best outcomes.

Industry Solutions

Global enterprises of all sizes are successfully implementing intelligent automation at scale through Blue Prism's Digital Workforce platform.

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Why Blue Prism?

Become a digital enterprise, cut costs, differentiate and grow by responding to customers' demands in real time, within IT compliance.

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The Co-operative Banking Group Achieves 80% Savings in Processing Costs

Find out how the Blue Prism platform helped the Co-operative Financial Services automate its excess queue procedure, improving efficiency by 80%.

The excess queue procedure is now managed entirely by Blue Prism, requires little human intervention and the project is well on its way to achieving all of our objectives.”
Joanne Masters Business Systems Manager
The Co-operative Bank

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