Blue Prism Cloud IADA

Blue Prism Cloud IADA™

An AI-enabled supervisor that automatically orchestrates digital worker activities

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Your time is valuable. Let IADA manage your digital workforce.

Managing a few digital workers is fairly easy to do, but when your operation scales, you’ll want to be sure you’re still getting the most out of your automation initiative. IADA is an AI-enabled “supervisor” that automatically orchestrates digital worker activities and helps your business get more done.

By managing your process to-do list and keeping your digital workers in line and on task, IADA helps boost productivity and performance.

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Eliminate downtime

Let’s face it, managing hundreds of digital workers takes careful planning and a bit of work. Use IADA to eliminate inefficient manual scheduling and expand your automation capabilities.


Improve productivity with machine learning

IADA uses machine learning predictive models combined with weighting of work-based service levels to manage and oversee the usage, efficiency and productivity of a digital workforce.


Manage business productivity

Focus on the business requirements of every automation and real-time fluctuations in business volumes for better performance.

The Details: IADA Benefits

Increased RPAROI

Increase RPA ROI:

IADA is a proactive management tool that’s focused on maximizing digital worker usage – no matter how much work or how complex the processes

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Scale faster:

Remove the scalability barrier of scheduling for better overall digital workforce management.

Smarter Work Management

Get better insights:

Align business metrics to workloads to drive execution priorities via business SLAs for smarter work management and better insights.

Be more efficient:

IADA’s predictive AI model executes tasks, gets data that fuels the AI model and distributes workloads accordingly, so you get better performance.

Refine & improve:

IADA uses machine learning to observe technical infrastructure behavior, including network and application performance.

Free the People

Becoming an agile enterprise means operating as a seamless mix of digital workers, human workers, and systems dynamically automating processes everywhere from the back office to the customer experience. You can do this with Blue Prism's intelligent digital workers that are versatile, autonomous, self-organizing, and secure. As a result, you gain better insight and control over the work, create new and transformative ways to operate, and empower people to focus on work that truly matters.

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