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Reduce time-to-automation by up to 25% by instantly turning process definition documents (PDDs) into Blue Prism outlines.

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Our intelligent process capture platform combines task extraction and computer vision to automatically extract all the key components of a PDD from a process owner demonstration.

Every automation requires a PDD, And if you’re trying to scale automation throughout your organization, you’re likely looking for a time-efficient and consistent method to create them accurately.

Blue Prism Capture is free and available for download from the Blue Prism Customer Portal.

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  • Instantly capture documentation for Process Definition Documents (PDD)
  • Modify, embellish, and optimize each step
  • Easily add additional steps, step branches, and branch conditions
  • Export into MS Word and other file formats
  • Accurate, fast, and reusable
  • Eliminates browser dependency by running in its own application window.
  • Export the defined process as a Blue Prism XML, ready to be loaded into Blue Prism.

What does Capture do?

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Task-extraction capabilities and computer vision are used to automatically capture each step of the process from a process owner demonstration.


The process map and process flow are autogenerated and easily reviewed, along with each step description, to ensure the process is reflected at the desired level of detail.


Easy-to-use editing capabilities make it simple to optimize processes by re-arranging and grouping actions from the process map.


Export the PDD as Word and process map in PDF and Visio.

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