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Use SS&C | Blue Prism® Chorus BPM to rapidly build and automate processes, optimize workflows, create digital customer experiences and accelerate straight-through processing.

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What is Chorus?

A comprehensive business process management suite including digital process automation, case management, omni-channel interactions and operational analytics. Chorus helps organizations build agile, intelligent operations that deliver better business outcomes.

What can Chorus do for you?

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Work orchestration

Chorus helps improve internal interaction within your organization and external interaction with customers by orchestrating people, systems, and data. Automated decision making, integration with other applications, and prioritization of work are all orchestrated through Chorus to ensure service levels are met as the needs of the business change.

Content management

Chorus allows you to capture data and attachments from multiple channels, such as phone calls, e-forms, SMS, letters, scanners, faxes and emails. Data, regardless of format, is then stored and is available to initiate, to supplement, or to complete work at any time directly into your processes.

Rules management

Chorus rules management allow you to define, to deploy, to execute, to monitor and to maintain a defined set of business rules required to control or influence business decisions. This logic can include policies, requirements, and conditional statements that are used to determine the tactical actions that take place across your processes.

Role-based workspaces

Using role-based privileges, Chorus routes the right work to the right resource at the right time empowering users to execute work quickly, efficiently and on time. Case Management capabilities gives users greater visibility to a complete customer journey – especially with non-linear processes, no matter how many tasks, documents and participants are involved.

Multi-experience communication

Chorus includes a web-based communication tool that enables users to create and deliver relevant content to any customer as part of an automated or manual process. A centralized repository of all communications is maintained with the most up-to-date customer content to ensure customers receive the right personalized correspondence every time.

Operational analytics

Operational analytics provide real-time visibility of your organization’s work and people, providing the information needed to help enhance performance and improve customer experience. Custom dashboards with drill-downs are available to see the underlying detail to understand for example, the status of work, whether service levels are being met or identifying bottlenecks or critical situations.

Who is using Chorus?

Here is a look at the number of Chorus customers in the top 25 by industry.


in financial services


in insurance


in banking


in health & pharma

Continuously monitoring, orchestrating and optimizing work

Transform journeys Chorus 600x400

Better customer journeys

  • Tailor processes for the ideal customer experience
  • Manage workflows end-to-end
Accelerate processing Chorus 600x400

Accelerate processing

  • Deliver the right work to the right resource
  • Automate work and decisions
  • Integrate applications
Mitigate risk Chorus 600x400

Mitigate operational risk

  • Enforce compliance
  • Automatically check quality
  • Monitor all work in one place

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