Deployment Options

A clearly defined IT strategy is central to any intelligent automation initiative. That’s why we designed Blue Prism to meet both your IT and business goals, including the flexibility to deploy our software in the manner that best suits your business—whether as a SaaS offering, on the public cloud of your choice, or on-premises at your office.


SaaS: Blue Prism Cloud

Intelligent automation in the cloud puts your business in control. Blue Prism Cloud, our SaaS offering, gives you immediate access to digital workers straight from the cloud via Microsoft Azure, as well as access to Azure Cognitive Services.

Your choice of public cloud

Speed, volatile market dynamics, and consumer expectations demand fluid operations, and our cloud partners deliver this agility. Deploy Blue Prism on your choice of public cloud, including AWS, Google Cloud Platform, IBM, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, or via Salesforce AppExchange. Or, combine deployment strategies in the way that works for you, in either a hybrid or multi-cloud environment.


Intelligent automation for the enterprise requires deployment flexibility to meet ever-evolving IT strategies. For some organizations, that focus is centered around an on-premises scenario. Deploy Blue Prism in your own data center and control the technical architecture of the automations that your business depends on to be successful.


Intelligent automation at scale, your choice of deployment

Our goal is to transform the future of work and your business, including radical efficiencies, better business performance, reduced operational risks, improved response times, more valuable customer journey experiences, and happier humans. Take advantage of flexible deployment options in the way that works for your business.

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The world’s largest enterprises rely on the Blue Prism digital workforce to optimize production processes, increase profitability and enhance customer experiences. Learn how our smart, secure, scalable and successful digital workers can transform your business through intelligent automation. The future of work starts now.

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