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Cloud First

Deployment and extensibility

A clearly defined cloud strategy is central to any intelligent automation initiative. That’s why we designed SS&C | Blue Prism® Cloud to meet your business and IT goals, including automation in the cloud, multiple deployment options, and access to technologies that extend your automation capabilities.

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Automation In The Cloud

Automation in the cloud

Speed, volatile market dynamics, and consumer expectations demand fluid operations, and our cloud partners deliver this agility. Intelligent automation in the cloud puts businesses in control—from the power to define the way work is allocated and managed, to removing potential barriers to adoption and scale. What’s more, you gain unparalleled flexibility to process changing workloads at any volume, including using SS&C Blue Prism to automate configurations, manage or cut capacity as needed, and save money.

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Deployment Options

Intelligent automation for the enterprise requires deployment flexibility to meet ever evolving IT strategies. SS&C Blue Prism deployment options include:

Extend Automation Capabilities

Extend automation capabilities

Automation in the cloud is just the beginning. At its core, truly intelligent automation is an interoperable symphony that combines process automation and smart workflows with smarter technologies like machine learning, advanced analytics, natural language processing, and cognitive capabilities. It’s these integrations with our cloud and Technology Alliance Program (TAP) partners that enable our customers to realize their vision. The SS&C | Blue Prism® Digital Exchange provides hundreds of assets and cognitive services from our application and cloud partners—including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM, Oracle/Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and Salesforce—with more to come.

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When it comes to intelligent automation in the cloud, our mission is simple: We want to make it easy for you to take advantage of SS&C Blue Prism’s security, flexibility, and extensibility in the way that best suits your business.