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Document Automation

With SS&C | Blue Prism® Document Automation, turn handwritten documents into decision-ready information immediately.

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Extract data accurately, at speed, and with ease

Digitize, classify and extract information from paper automatically with the latest machine learning technology.

Comprehensive solution

Extract handwriting and low-quality machine print from paper, images and pdfs and turn it into automation-ready data.

Unbeatable accuracy

Accept end-customer information in any form and extract data with an average accuracy of over 98%, outperforming what an individual can achieve.

Produce automation-ready data

Data is intelligently extracted, prioritized, contextualized and routed to fit directly into your current business processes.

Scale and integrate with ease

Integrates with our existing automation tools and is able to scale to meet throughput demands of the largest and most complex workflows.

What can Document Automation do for you?

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average document extraction accuracy


faster than people


reduction in manual effort


increase in straight-through processing

Insurance case study

Digitizing the mailroom: AI system eliminates manual tasks with up to 98% accuracy

A major insurance company saved time, money, and employee sanity with SS&C | Blue Prism® Document Automation. The AI-driven system took on the arduous task of identifying, processing, interpreting, and routing physical forms.

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