Reimagine work. Transform experiences. Achieve exponential growth.

SS&C | Blue Prism® Enterprise provides organizations with a robust digital workforce, liberating people from repetitive and time-consuming tasks. With your new unified workforce, your people are free to focus on customers and creative, high-value projects — the transformational work that matters most to your business.

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Use people where you should. Automate whenever you can.

What if your organization had access to an unlimited workforce of digital workers, ready to help you 24/7? Digital colleagues who are never on vacation or sick and who always perform consistently with machine-level precision and speed? With SS&C Blue Prism Enterprise the limitless possibilities of an infinite, always-on digital workforce can be your organization’s reality.

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What can SS&C Blue Prism Enterprise do for you?

Serve your customers better in today's demanding world. Your intelligent SS&C Blue Prism digital workforce reduces time to market and quickly delivers efficiencies. This provides better performance and a high return on investment.

Exponential growth

Grow exponentially and increase profitability, empowering employees, and enabling higher-value work

Security and auditability

Gain the highest levels of security, compliance, and governance

Customer experience

Free employees to spend more time delivering excellent customer service


Innovate quickly and maximize speed-to-value

Get in touch

Start your digital transformation journey by speaking with one of our intelligent automation experts. Please indicate your industry or area of interest so we can best assist you.

Top-tier standards

We incorporate top-tier security standards and development practices with strict user-access controls, multi-level change approvals, and segregated, interference-free processing environment. Our RPA software automatically logs every action taken within the system to provide irrefutable audit trails you can trust. SS&C Blue Prism Enterprise addresses the needs of highly-regulated industries with the security, governance, scalability, and performance of your business and customers’ demand.

Everything you need with one all-inclusive license

Digital Workforce

  • Autonomous software robots
  • Clever technologies that mimic and learn business processes like people
  • Work within your legacy/modern applications to automate business processes through RPA

Design Studio

  • No-code, drag-and-drop process automation building
  • Reuse “objects” across the business
  • Reduce time and integrate with third party applications from the
    SS&C | Blue Prism® Digital Exchange marketplace

Control Room

  • Assign processes to digital workers and scale on-demand
  • Centralized view of digital workers’ health and performance
  • Enable SLA-based orchestration to deliver the results you care about

Rethink work

From identifying, designing and developing your best automation candidates through to deploying, managing and keeping your digital workforce at its peak performance, we've got the capabilities, expertise and solutions you need.

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