Next Generation

Unleash Intelligent Automation with SS&C | Blue Prism® Next Generation

Unlock the potential of intelligent automation (IA) – with greater flexibility than ever before.

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What is Next Gen?

Next Gen is our new, cloud-native Intelligent Automation platform that enables us to deliver a breadth of capabilities, deployment options, commercial models, and go-to-market channels, from a single, unified platform.

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How does Next Gen help?


Spin-up new instances and deploy them however you want. Reallocate digital workers across your estate using a centralized control center and simplify management across the enterprise.


Adapt quickly using a single platform consisting of modular services that you can utilize whenever you need. This will let every organization use our intelligent automation platform in the best way for them.


You’ll have a fully elastic digital workforce at your disposal – ready to expand or contract when the need arises.

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