The Robotic Operating Model (ROM®)

A proven implementation methodology that enables customers to successfully launch, maintain, and scale your digital workforce.

Blue Prism has been delivering world-class automation implementations for nearly two decades.

That hands-on experience has given us real drilled-down, practical knowledge of the delivery process. So we’ve created the Robotic Operation Model (ROM®) to give every Blue Prism user a clear methodology for their automation delivery.

RPA Robotic Operating Model ROM Diagram by Blue Prism Infographic

A smarter way to automate

Blue Prism has helped companies respond to the demands of the business and customer base with ease. Through complex learnings and iterations, we’ve created a proven approach to successfully implementing and developing intelligent automation into the fabric of organizations, called our Robotic Operating Model. Chief Customer Officer Neil Wright explains the end-to-end strategy behind — and benefits of — this model.

Blue Prism’s overall satisfaction rate*

Why? Our automation software is easily scalable and is designed from the start as a platform approach to fit wider enterprise systems. This leads to greater success in the deployment cycle.

*Robotic Process Automation Executive Research Report, 2018

Blue Prism’s Approach to Intelligent Automation: Our Key Benefits


It’s Reusable

Unlike other automation providers, who need to store “a template” of the process and have a coder rework the script, Blue Prism allows reuse of processes and objects which makes them easy to replicate, while providing maximum ROI well after setup, boosting the efficiency of employees.

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It’s Resilient

Only Blue Prism provides enterprise grade “automation resilience” by incorporating the ability to manage workloads, ensure business continuity and respond to (and recover from) interruptions.

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It’s Scalable

Truly code-free intelligent automation from Blue Prism helps customers define the way work is allocated, managed and scaled. These capabilities represent the fundamental foundations of automation success in your ever-changing business environment.

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