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UX Builder

Transform customer journeys.

SS&C | Blue Prism® UX Builder offers a fast, intuitive no-code development software platform for building enterprise web applications that create rich customer journeys and relieve reliance on developers or IT.

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Accelerate digital transformation

Innovate faster and smarter with UX Builder. Break through development bottlenecks by giving business users app development capabilities.

What can UX Builder do for you?

UX Builder helps businesses succeed in their digital transformations by reducing app development time from months to days - sometimes hours. With UX Builder, business users now have access to tools for creating digital experiences without needing to know a single line of code.

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Delight customers

  • Improve digital experiences for customers
  • Build intuitive applications to meet customer needs fast

Empower employees

  • Boost employee productivity with purpose-built apps
  • Enhance employee experiences and job satisfaction

Innovate on demand

  • Develop new experiences
  • Rapidly scale digital use cases

Build apps fast with no code

  • Develop branded forms, portals and web journeys without code
  • Build and deploy in hours

Traditional application development is lagging behind

Traditional application development requires software developers with a programming skill set. Due to a huge, tech-driven projects backlog, shortage of software developers and changing business needs, there's a lag in digitizing customer journeys and internal employee applications.

Start your digital transformation journey by speaking with one of our intelligent automation experts. Please indicate your industry or area of interest so we can best assist you.

Create and integrate end-to-end digital experiences

Create end-to-end digital experiences for a variety of customer and employee use cases, including onboarding new customers, branded forms, portals and interaction with processes. In addition, the platform allows for easy and fast deployment of modern user interfaces (UIs) on legacy systems and standardization of UIs for multiple systems.

Built-in business process management

UX Builder comes pre-integrated with SS&C Blue Prism's intelligent automation platform and SS&C | Blue Prism® Chorus, giving business users access to a wealth of data and services right out of the box, including automation, rules logic, and integrations. UX Builder is truly no-code, which is faster and easier than low-code.

Transform business outcomes

  • Accelerate growth
  • Increase profitability
  • Elevate customer and employee experiences
  • Reduce legacy, reduce costs and time to market
  • Improve quality and efficiency and move at the speed your customers' demand

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