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Forrester TEI Study 2024

The 2024 Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study of SS&C Blue Prism’s intelligent automation platform is available now. Dive in to discover how intelligent automation (IA) has generated incremental revenue growth of 5.4% CAGR over three years.

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Generative AI

Generative AI seamlessly merges with intelligent automation, enabling businesses to automate more complex tasks and processes to realize their desired outcomes.

By integrating generative artificial intelligence, we extend SS&C Blue Prism’s human-like creativity with intelligent automation. Across our portfolio, gen AI will help businesses unlock greater value from data-driven decision-making, accelerate their automation development, optimize resource allocation, and streamline intricate use cases – enhancing value across the entire customer journey.

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Blue Prism maximizes the application of intelligent automation with gen AI to completely reimagine work so customers can unlock unparalleled productivity, innovation, and value for customers without sacrificing security.

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Financial industry

Gen AI and Intelligent Automation Together Demo

Watch the video to learn how to use visual LangChain in Blue Prism to produce an equity research application.

Next Generation Platform Release 1

Next Gen is our new, cloud-native intelligent automation platform that enables us to deliver a breadth of capabilities, deployment options, commercial models, and go-to-market channels, from a single, unified platform.

SS&C Blue Prism Next Generation unlocks the cloud and enables organizations to maximize the value of intelligent automation. With Next Gen, your business can increase productivity by automating repetitive processes. You can leverage its cloud native architecture to minimize the time and effort related to infrastructure maintenance – and do so while keeping digital workers on your own secure infrastructure.

Legal automation

This means that digital workers remain behind your firewall and interact directly with your systems and data – maintaining security and compliance. This not only frees up your IT teams to focus on higher value initiatives, but also provides you with the scale and agility to navigate the rapidly and constantly changing business landscape of today.

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Intelligent Automation Without Compromise

Next Gen is an automation-building platform, with the flexibility of the cloud. Learn how automation increases productivity and improves customer experience.

Next Generation Platform Demo

SS&C Blue Prism presents the Next Generation platform. In this demo, we are using an example of an insurance company updating policy holder salary information.

Blue Prism Enterprise v7.3

SS&C Blue Prism Enterprise (BPE) is our flagship intelligent automation solution providing organizations with a robust digital workforce. With BPE v7.3, the ability to build and maintain application models is improved with its enhanced Application Modeler.

Enhanced Application Modeler

With our enhanced Application Modeler, legacy application and code bases may be maintained, managed, and updated with ease, automatically, utilizing our SmartVision technology.
Securely connect your legacy application to our servers, and experience how SmartVision accurately identifies and reconstructs your GUI/UK elements within a no-code visual editor, reducing developer time and improving results.

The Application Modeler module of BPE v7.3 automatically selects optimal spy modes, provides an easy setup wizard, and enables robust application modelling – reducing effort and improving resilience.

BPE v7.3 has increased flexibility, failover, and resilience through multiple Domain Name Controllers. Support for Citrix environments has been enhanced with advanced security and more flexibility.

Application Modeler is equipped with our latest Surface Automation technology, Smart Vision, to model GUIs with a no-code editor and AI-powered human-like vision to accelerate automation development, reduce maintenance, and improve robustness. Application Modeler now delivers more value by reducing time and complexity, improving UX, and lowering barriers for new developers while providing modern, easy ways to build accurate models.


App Modeler & Smart Vision Demo

Experience the automation of maintaining legacy code with Enhanced Application Modeler. Data is never stored within the SmartVision client, so sensitive data is protected. 

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Other Product Updates

Blue Prism Cloud

The latest Blue Prism Enterprise release 7.3 is now available to our Blue Prism Cloud customers. This update comes with exciting new capabilities that help you explore new use cases, significantly reduce development time and complexity and enhance usability for new developers.

The Blue Prism Enterprise 7.3 update includes Native Citrix Virtual Apps automation capabilities, improved Active Directory integration, an Enhanced Application Modeler, and Smart Vision spy mode for the Application Modeler.

Blue Prism Cloud is perfect for customers who value convenience, rapid implementation, and cost savings through a fully managed and hosted Intelligent Automation solution.

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UX Builder

SS&C Blue Prism UX Builder enhances user experiences and improves work management and workflow efficiency. The new low/no-code forms designer for Chorus reduces reliance on custom code and makes it easy to integrate human interaction into process workflows. UX Builder also offers features like input data format validation, modern design capabilities, session visibility, and data display formatting options for improved data accuracy and user satisfaction.

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Ux builder


SS&C Blue Prism Desktop version 1.2 allows processes to be developed that send work to existing Blue Prism Enterprise queues. This improvement expands automation use cases by making it easier to identify and execute processes involving both digital and human workers. The new licensing also allows for easier enterprise roll-out to improve collaboration between enterprise digital solutions and human resources.

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SS&C Everywhere

SS&C Everywhere addresses challenges around accessing and managing customers’ growing data sets securely and complying with the latest regulations and best practices. Customers can now control their data through self-service, without needing a developer. With a focus on financial services, SOC2 compliance, and private cloud, the platform ensures better management than multi-vendor third-party data lakes. Integrating Gen AI technologies has improved data access using language prompts. Users can now create complex queries with simple, natural language to extract data from databases and generate summaries.

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SS&C Blue Prism Chorus’ Service Pack 21.2 gives current BPM clients access to the newest versions of Chorus’ market-leading Communications and Processor Workspace applications along with more flexible, intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

With the Service Pack, future upgrades are faster, easier, and less resource intensive, with access to a new connector framework for leveraging the full potential of the platform, including integrations with other products and services.

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Chorus Business Process Management (BPM)

Decipher IDP

Unlock superior intelligent document processing capabilities with Decipher IDP 2.3, which includes a number of new features and improvements to make data extraction from structured and semi-structured business documents such as invoices, purchase orders, and other typed forms even easier.

This latest release includes enhanced security and authentication, auditability and reporting, an expanded range of formats and scenarios that can be handled, and an increased number of languages and currencies supported.

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