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Jason Kingdon Chairman and CEO, Blue Prism

In this report, HFS Research in partnership with Blue Prism has set out to understand how enterprise mindsets have changed over the pandemic and the extent by which enterprises have developed a joined-up automation discipline. We analyze the level of ownership from the C-suite, how current automation approaches work for enterprises, the different mindsets and approaches from business and IT executives, and the alignment of automation, both cloud and data strategies. Has the pandemic derailed progress towards an enterprise-wide automation discipline and shifted urgent focus to cloud implementations? How are priorities changing from enterprise leaders?

Lessons from the pandemic

If there’s one thing the pandemic taught us, it’s been the necessity to re-think processes to get the data; what should be added, eliminated, and simplified across our workflows to source this critical data.

The essential need to plan design processes

There is simply no option but to plan to design processes in the cloud using web-architected applications. In this virtual economy, our global talent has to come together to create our borderless, completely digital business. This is the true environment for real “digital transformation” in action.

Our HFS research report

In identifying Automation Heroes, Sidekicks, and Stragglers this research provides 7 important lessons from which all enterprise leaders can benefit, in pursuit of realizing strategic value from their automation investments.

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