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Everest Group: Scaling Automation Across the Enterprise

How Intelligent Automation (IA) Can Help Your Business

This report will help you become future-ready. Assign tasks to digital workers to save you valuable time, and make your organization more efficient.

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Inside the report, you'll learn

  • What intelligent automation is
  • How you can apply intelligent automation and transform different business functions
  • Use cases and clear examples on how to become intelligent automation-ready per industry
  • How to become a transformation leader: from new revenue sources to cost savings

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Truly transformational outcomes are possible only for those enterprises that have reached the maturity level of Leaders in their automation journeys. The survey reveals that Leaders achieved 2.3x higher RoI and 3.7x more cost savings than other enterprises."

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SS&C Blue Prism Leads the Intelligent Automation Revolution

SS&C Blue Prism gives your team the tools to do more. Your Intelligent Automation Platform (IAP) will allow your team to focus on strategy and the more relevant day-to-day responsibilities while your team of digital workers will do the rest. 

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