Analyst Report

Should Telcos Become More like Amazon

Transforming Telecom Services with Automation 

As Telco executives explore new services and roles for their business in today’s dynamic digital ecosystems, the point of reference when setting strategic priorities and considering the competitive landscape is increasingly shifting to global service providers in the cloud computing space.

But how far should this be taken? Does it make sense for a traditional Telco to aspire to become the next Amazon, Google or Microsoft? If not, what can be learned from players such as these to help transform a traditional Telco business to compete and cooperate with others in the new and different ways now required?

These questions and others are explored in this report, with a particular emphasis on what’s needed from an integration and automation perspective to fully exploit opportunities stemming from 5G and other important market developments.

Discover where you can find wider margins, greater value, and new direction while gaining or reclaiming your competitive edge.

You’ll find it all in this independent report from Freeform Dynamics.

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