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Forrester Report: Your Company Needs A Chief Automation Officer

Download the Forrester report to learn why a chief automation officer is crucial for a successful automation program. 

In this report you will learn: 

  • 5 key considerations crucial for realizing a strategic and sustainable automation program
  • How a chief automation offer can help an organization to successfully scale the automation program
  • The key competencies required from a successful automation leader
  • How a strategic direction for the automation program can transform customer outcomes

    The Next Stage in Digital Evolution

    Automation demands C-level attention. Organizations that fail to infuse their automation portfolio with strategic, transformation-focused leadership are destined to remain stuck in the land of tactics. Meanwhile, forward-thinking organizations appoint a chief automation officer (CAO) to scale automation and nurture it into a vital strategic competency. Find out how successful chief automation officer leads the way for automation and how he directly contributes to an organization’s success.

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