Blog | Nov 27, 2018

The continual evolution of RPA: Delivering the most effective automation - 7 steps to success (part 6)

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It’s vital to embrace RPA across the whole organization, if you want to achieve the true return on investment (ROI) and strategic benefits of introducing a Digital Workforce into our systems.

To achieve that desired ROI, it’s vital to scale back the use of the test environment, embrace the digital worker and to encourage serious discussions between your IT and Operations functions, so both departments appreciate the underlying benefits of RPA.

Neil Wright, Chief Customer Officer at Blue Prism, explains how better communication between your IT team and your Operations team is key to automation success.

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How the Coop Bank champion the Digital Workforce

We know high-level discussion between your IT and business operations people works. And we know it works because our customers have told us it does.

Jane Conroy, ex-Head of RPA at the Coop Bank, tolds us that this approach worked brilliantly for them back in 2008 – when they were early adopters of this technology. Jane is the person who could see how long the test environment would take to create and get working, so this approach of ‘testing in live’ comes from her, their experience of RPA and how the Digital Workforce has added incredible value for the Coop Bank over the past decade.

And Jane, thankfully, now works for us at Blue Prism. She’s a Customer Success Director, helping to bring all this hands-on knowledge and experience of RPA in the field to bear on the next generation of automation clients.

The continual evolution of RPA

This is a continual evolution, let’s not forget. Think of Blue Prism and the Digital Workforce as an ever-evolving solution that’s constantly able to add new value and more ROI.

You can actually learn more about your organization’s internal processes by implementing RPA in the right way. You’ll learn about every action and every decision you take – and the impact this has on the business as a whole.

So, adopt a delivery approach that optimises the use of your robots, and don’t fall back on your traditional IT approach. Think about what you’re introducing as a fully formed Digital Workforce – a team of robots who use your systems in the same way as your human workers, but with all the speed, efficiency and accuracy that a digital worker brings to your processes.

7 Steps to Success

Keep an eye on our blog over the coming weeks as we continue to breakdown the whole ROM process into 7 key steps.

Teaming the Blue Prism ROM method with our code-free RPA gives you a successful automation implementation – with a Digital Workforce that’s both scalable and robust.

This reduces costs, improves customer satisfaction and empowers your people to take on new responsibilities, boosting employee engagement.

Find out more by downloading our free ROM infographic.