Blog | Dec 4, 2018

The support services you need to create your RPA success story - 7 steps to success (part 7)

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The Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model (ROM®) provides the framework you need to set up a Digital Workforce within your organization. But you don’t have to walk the road of robotic process automation (RPA) alone – we’re also here to support you along the way.

Neil Wright, Chief Customer Officer at Blue Prism, highlights the incredible range of support services and resources that you can call on when implementing RPA.

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A helping hand on your automation journey

The great news is that you’re not alone when it comes to implementing RPA and getting your automation processes up and running within the organization.

Blue Prism has a huge partner network, over 60,000 trained automation developers and thousands of accredited resources that are available to help you with your RPA development, your ROM® architecture and your process design.

So, as a customer coming into this automation design journey, we give you access to the ROM Architect® you need, and to the accredited designers who have that deep level of experience. That’s why Blue Prism partners are here – to provide that support, guidance and expertise as you move through the digital transformation journey.

Constant assessment of your progress

Blue Prism can also provide you with assessments of your processes, your strategy and your progress. We’ve been delivering robotic process automation (RPA) at scale for over a decade now, so we know what the foundations are to making RPA work at scale and at an enterprise level across your whole organization.

We can help you assess where you are at each point in the implementation journey, and we have Intelligent Automation experts on hand who can give you the assurance you need around your chosen processes, your ROM® and your implementation tactics. They’re there to give you the guidance you need and ensure you’re travelling in the right direction.

The support of a Customer Success Manager

We also have our Customer Success Managers, who have been through these journeys many times and can bring all that unique experience and knowledge to the table. They’ve worked on automation projects before, they know best practice and they’ve built RPA and Intelligent Automation at scale within our customer’s organization.

Your Customer Success Manager is there to provide that support, guide you and ensure you have what it takes to implement these ground-breaking automation capabilities.

Think robot. Achieve the best results

As we mentioned in part 5 of this series, it’s vital to embrace RPA and to achieve a mindset that looks at the key benefits of a proactive Digital Workforce. And by making use of our wide-ranging customer support resources, you can achieve this far more effectively.

So, bring in the people who have ‘thought robot’ before and know the mindset, the ROM® and the implementation elements – and make your automation journey a successful one.

7 Steps to Success

Keep an eye on our blog over the coming weeks as we continue to breakdown the whole ROM® process into 7 key steps.

Teaming the Blue Prism ROM® method with our code-free RPA gives you a successful automation implementation – with a Digital Workforce that’s both scalable and robust.

This reduces costs, improves customer satisfaction and empowers your people to take on new responsibilities, boosting employee engagement.

Find out more by downloading our free ROM® infographic.