Blog | Dec 11, 2018

7 steps to success: Changing your culture and getting the best from RPA (part 8)

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We’ve looked at each of the 7 key steps within the The Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model (ROM®), and how our methodology provides the foundations for a successful implementation of robotic process automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation.


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Do you have cultural adoption of RPA?

One way you can tell if you have full cultural adoption within your organization is to look out for the use of a new verb. If someone from in the business comes to you, as the RPA leader, and asks you ‘Can this process be Blue Prismed?’, what they actually mean is ‘Can this process be operated by a digital worker’ – that’s what success looks like.

When your Operations people are asking for processes to be ‘Blue Prismed’, you know that cultural adoption has been attained in the most successful way.

Getting IT on board early

Your IT team may be wary of ‘digital workers’ in their systems. But with the right engagement and involvement you can turn around these expectations.

If you engage your IT department early on in the automation process then they will see the need for change management and understand the need for robots to have access to the organization’s systems – and all the efficiency benefits of doing this.

Removing anxiety in your business teams

Misconceptions around the goals of RPA and automation do prevail. So it’s important to underline how your Digital Workforce is here to augment and enhance your operations.

With the right messaging, your business departments will begin to understand why there’s no need for ‘automation anxiety’ and how your Digital Workers are here to make the human workers lives better, not to replace their role in the business.

People even start to name their robots, and give them those little human characteristics. So, for example, some people call our robots ‘Denis’. The real Denis was the consultant who implemented RPA back in 2012, so they’ve named their digital workers ‘Denis’ after him.

For us, that’s clear sign that cultural adoption has been achieved.

Helping you deliver an automation success story

Over the ten plus years that we’ve been providing RPA to customers, we’ve learned an awful lot. It’s given us the experience, knowledge and insights needed to deliver the kind of Intelligent Automation you now see in the Blue Prism product.

It’s resulted in a wealth of collateral and helpful resources on our portal that can help support you with your automation implementation. And you also have access to your Account Manager and your Customer Success Manager who will help you through this digital journey.

So, please do call on our expertise, avoid the early mistakes, and help your organization grow and scale more quickly – with RPA at the heart of your business.

7 Steps to Success

We hope you’ve enjoyed our breakdown of 7 key steps in our Robotic Operating Model (ROM®)

Teaming the Blue Prism ROM® method with our code-free RPA gives you a successful automation implementation – with a Digital Workforce that’s both scalable and robust.

This reduces costs, improves customer satisfaction and empowers your people to take on new responsibilities, boosting employee engagement.

Find out more by downloading our free ROM® infographic.