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Blog | Apr 27, 2023

Amplify Your RPA Knowledge to Benefit Your Organization

RPA Knowledge
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I’m fresh from my stint as a judge for the SS&C Blue Prism Customer Excellence Awards. It was intriguing to see how leading global companies have deployed digital workers to make life easier for their human workforce, and better for their human customer base. If you’ve already watched the 2023 awards ceremony, you’ll know what I mean. Check it out, it’s worthwhile!

Hearing about companies that have achieved true digital transformation should inspire you to do the same. It will also likely make you wonder how to take your intelligent automation program to the next level. I’ve worked alongside your peers to do just that for 10 years and have found a few common denominators that lead to success. Many intelligent automation groundbreakers developed a holistic and aligned vocabulary; promoted clear stakeholder education, alignment, and awareness; encouraged strong change management; and secured executive alignment, sponsorship, and organizational vision.

But achieving this is easier said than done. So where do you begin?

Going back to the fundamentals is the ticket. The SS&C Blue Prism RPA Professional Certificate on LinkedIn Learning made up of four of my courses, is three and a half hours of content designed to help you develop the skills, frameworks, and approaches to spearheading successful intelligent automation programs. The best part? It’s free until May 26, 2023. Just click HERE to get started. And be sure to share it with your entire enterprise. As noted, this only works if everyone is on the same page.

The knowledge gained through this course will help you (and your teams) to increase productivity and efficiency in your current organization and supercharge your careers in the process. The LinkedIn Learning course is an excellent supplement to the education available at Blue Prism University. In addition, this course is one of the very first of its kind on LinkedIn Learning that rewards graduates with a professional certificate – highlighting for yourself and your enterprise that you’ve invested in your digital skillset. It’s clear that increasing your knowledge about RPA is a surefire way to future-proof your intelligent automation career. So, this is time well spent.

Developing your RPA Knowledge

What Will I Learn?

First, you’ll explore and reinforce the fundamentals of RPA: the why, the how, and the what. You’ll next explore how to design and optimize your RPA solutions, with the aid of supplementary technologies like process mining and discovery. And last, you’ll learn how to best implement RPA, and the broader intelligent automation suite, across your organization.

Interested in more detailed descriptions? Check out the list below.

Course 1: Introducing Robotic Process Automation (1h 31m)

This course has helped over 130,000 practitioners begin their journeys to understanding and applying RPA in their roles and careers. It explores basic definitions of RPA, its applications, and its benefits. You then learn to identify automation opportunities, assess good candidate processes, and implement RPA to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and streamline workflows in various industries and horizontal functions like HR, Finance, and Supply Chain.

Course 2: Process Mining for Robotic Process Automation (30m)

In this course, I introduce process mining as a key component for successful RPA implementations. I help you gain insights into process intelligence, analysis, and optimization to identify automation potential, enhance RPA deployment, and drive continuous improvement in business operations.

Course 3: Process Discovery for Robotic Process Automation (29m)

As a complement to the above course, this course delves into process discovery, a crucial tool for finding and demystifying the complexities of your operations. It covers techniques to identify, document, and analyze business processes, enabling optimal RPA deployment for increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved customer satisfaction.

Course 4: Intelligent Automation Foundations (1h 1m)

Finally, this course helps you open your aperture and explore the world of intelligent automation. It helps illustrate how RPA and process intelligence fits in with other capabilities, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, to enable more complex automation scenarios. This course sets you on the path to harnessing the full breadth of automation and analytics tools available today.

In my role as a judge of the SS&C Blue Prism Customer Excellence Awards, what I found most inspiring about the entries submitted were the teams’ creative uses of the entire suite of intelligent automation capabilities – supercharging their investments in Blue Prism. Whether your enterprise has achieved similar successes, or you’re earlier on your journey, the next steps are clear. Continue developing digital literacy across all teams, in all functions. There’s no time like the present.

And don’t miss the opportunity to attain a professional certification in the process. I’ll see you in the (virtual) classroom!

Ian Barkin co-founded Symphony Ventures, one of the earliest RPA consultancies, in 2014. It grew to a 250-person global services firm recognized as the leading RPA specialist by Gartner, HFS, and other industry analysts. It was acquired in 2018. Ian is the author of numerous LinkedIn Learning courses, co-author of the book “Intelligent Automation”, investor in intelligent automation start-ups, and an advisor to those committed to winning in the future of work.

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