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Blog | Oct 29, 2021

Blue Prism Automations Now Connect Directly to Guidewire Cloud

Blue Prism Automations Now Connect Directly to Guidewire Cloud
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When the drive to modernize claims and innovate with new software overlaps with embedded legacy systems and processes, insurance companies often end up with layers of technology that are disconnected and inefficient. Challenges with data and manual operation of systems can hinder insurers from achieving strategic imperatives.

Experience with our insurance customers has shown that a partnership between people, software and intelligent automation is a winning way to create truly efficient and future-ready processes through the claim lifecycle. Blue Prism automation software forges connections that create efficiencies and spark innovation, but to make it work takes teamwork and trust between an insurance company and its vendors.

Guidewire Cloud Connector for Blue Prism

At the Guidewire Connections conference on November 1, we’ll be showcasing a new Blue Prism Connector for Guidewire Cloud which speeds up the FNOL data input and communications process by 15 times, compared with doing the same manually.

The connector enables a digital worker to automate some of the most time-consuming manual elements in the process of creating a new claim in the Guidewire ClaimCenter software. It picks up tasks such as:

  • Inputting customer policy and claim data
  • Extracting documents and images from communications channels such as email or SMS
  • Inputting said document and images into the system
  • Checking and confirming accuracy of the data
  • Notifying the customer of claim status

Blue Prism makes the above possible with our automations that interact natively with software interfaces rather than using screen scraping. Interacting natively with Guidewire is a more flexible and intelligent way of collecting and inputting data.

We're happy to be able to provide insurance claims teams with a cloud software connector which will increase the speed of processing a claim, improve accuracy of data and ultimately give the customer a better experience. Great things can happen when people, software and digital workers come together, and we’re looking forward to sharing our solution demo with the insurance community."
Lou Bachenheimer Solution Project Leader, Blue Prism

Speeding up the claims process by 15 times through Guidewire Automation

Introducing faster claims processing on the cloud with Guidewire and Blue Prism's digital workforce. Guidewire Cloud offers insurers and brokers the tools to create personalized, digital, and seamless customer experiences while efficiently managing claims. By incorporating Blue Prism's digital worker with Guidewire Cloud, the claims process becomes 15 times faster, enabling claims handlers to dedicate more time to customers.

Key Advantages of Guidewire Claims Automation

  1. Elimination of Repetitive Manual Tasks: Manual tasks for Guidewire users are automated, reducing human intervention and streamlining the claims process.
  2. Strategic and Innovative Claims Handling: The collaboration enables insurers to adopt a strategic and innovative approach to handling claims.
  3. Integration with Legacy and New Systems: Guidewire is seamlessly connected with other legacy and cutting-edge systems and technologies.
  4. Flexible Cloud Deployment: Digital workers can be deployed from the cloud, providing flexibility and scalability to handle various processes.
  5. Empowering Automation and Standardization: The business gains the power to automate and standardize more processes, leading to enhanced efficiency.

By leveraging the partnership between Guidewire and Blue Prism, insurance companies can optimize their resources, delivering exceptional experiences for both customers and employees.

Challenges Addressed with Automation

  1. Complex System Integration: Connecting multiple systems and software is simplified through the collaboration.
  2. Manual Processes Slow Down Claims: Manual elements that hinder the claims process are now automated, ensuring faster processing times.
  3. On-Premise Limitations: The on-premise software's lack of agility and adaptability to changing needs is overcome through cloud-based solutions.
  4. IT Resource Optimization: By utilizing digital workers, the burden on IT resources is reduced.

Use Case - Processing a New Claim at FNOL

Property and casualty claims handlers employ Guidewire at FNOL (First Notice of Loss) to initiate and process new claims. This involves extracting data, documents, and imagery from customer channels and inputting them into Guidewire software. The digital worker takes over critical manual elements of this process. They progress the new claim from inputting customer and policy details through to notifying customers of claim acceptance. While a human handler would typically take around 3 minutes to complete this process, the digital worker achieves it in an astonishing 11 seconds. The speed increase significantly enhances overall claims handling efficiency.

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