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Blog | Oct 7, 2020

Blue Prism Inclusion, Diversity & Belonging: LGBTQ+ Panel

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Since June, Blue Prism has doubled down on Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging. Through this, some fab new initiatives have been spawned, like Black Professionals in Intelligent Automation, and our new Pride Employee Resource Group.

On Monday September 28th, the Pride group held Blue Prism’s first ever LGBTQ+ panel with Sarah Rench from Avanade, and Blue Prism’s very own Andrew Campbell, Andy Patrick, and hosted by Matt Juden-Bloomfield. All four are openly out and champion LGBTQ+ inclusivity in the workplace. The aim being to provide support on identity issues, sharing their stories about being out in the workplace and discussing resources and support available to anyone needing support.

Although great progress has been made in LGTBQ+ rights globally, it is still illegal to be homosexual in almost 75 countries today – including a number that we operate in as a company. By providing a visible community for anyone on the LGBTQ+ spectrum to reach out, learn from and take solace in hearing stories shared; we hope our new Pride group and panels like this can be an important reference and lifeline for those struggling with their identity or sexuality and/or who can’t live freely – be that because of the law, religion, stigma or context.

If you’d like to connect with any of our panelists, please feel free to find them on LinkedIn or reach out to Andrew, Andy, or Matt via their Blue Prism email addresses.

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