Blog | Jun 30, 2020

Blue Prism Partner Guide to Achieving Double Platinum

Linda with Reveals consultants THUMBNAIL

It takes a lot of commitment, hard work and drive to become a Blue Prism Certified Partner—a fact recognized by industry analysts.

According to the 2019 Forrester Wave for Robotic Process Automation, Q4 2019: “Blue Prism has a strong partner ecosystem and takes certification seriously….(and) use an accredited third party to certify partner resources”.

Our certification program is independently validated while offering more than 10,000 resources world-wide, setting a benchmark for successful RPA deployments and scalability. It gives customers peace of mind and a gateway to intelligent automation. Certification statuses range from Bronze to Platinum, and currently the highest level of certification is Double Platinum.

No Blue Prism partner has ever achieved “Double Platinum” capability status until now. This achievement by the Reveal Group was no accident. The Australian-founded consultancy firm provides services that accelerate change, improve operational efficiencies, all helping to drive a digital transformation for clients. Over the past eight months the company embarked on a journey dubbed “Operation Certification” to achieve Double Platinum certification.

So what exactly does Double Platinum certification mean and how does one attain it?

“Double Platinum” occurs when a partner attains TWO Blue Prism certifications at the platinum level. This level of Blue Prism certification is only attainable upon completing a long list of requirements. In Reveal Group’s case these requirements:

Strength in Numbers

Successfully help clients to establish centers of excellence (CoEs) for enterprise-wide Blue Prism connected-RPA projects that scale to 200 or more Blue Prism digital workers. With a workforce of 120+ strong, Reveal Group has the wherewithal and experience to help clients set up CoEs for such large projects.


Successfully pass a large number of certified Blue Prism exams, including Developer (100 exams), Solution Designer (20), Professional Developer (20), and ROM Architect (6).

Project Assessments

Complete 15 robotic operating model (ROM) assessments on capability projects.

Customer Satisfaction

Receive 65 customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys with CSAT scores greater than or equal to 80% on each and cite at least five (5) public reference clients. Reveal Group received more than 50 customer satisfaction surveys for RPA delivery projects with an average score of 94.4%!

Linda with Reveals consultants BANNER

“Linda Dotts (Blue Prism’s Chief Partner Strategy Officer; 5th person from the left) during her visit in February ’20 to congratulate Reveal’s consultants on attaining Platinum Capability.

So what are the benefits of becoming Double Platinum certified?


Blue Prism Double Platinum Certification gives current and potential customers third party verification of a partner’s in-depth automation expertise and proven track record of delivering exceptional results. In a competitive market it’s a great way to elevate and drive awareness of a partner’s capabilities.


It demonstrates that a partner’s employees are adept at applying excellence and know-how to deliver and expand upon the Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model (ROM) to help clients achieve outstanding outcomes.


Reveal Group shared that their customers benefit from the step-change in experience, expertise and innovative thinking that comes along with achieving Double Platinum certification. Global games company Aristocrat Technologies was chosen to receive the “RPA Newcomer of the Year Award: Best New Implementation of Blue Prism" for the APAC region in Blue Prism’s 2020 Excellence in Connected-RPA Awards.

To find out more about becoming a Blue Prism Certified Partner read here, and to learn more about Reveal Group’s journey to Double Platinum status watch the video below: