Blog | Apr 28, 2019

Blue Prism World Orlando: A Universe Of Automation Stars To Explore


Blue Prism World hits US shores on May 22-23 2019, bringing two days of automation insight and excellence to the Orange County Convention Center. Our Partner Village at the event will be packed out with 30 different exhibitors from the wider universe of robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence and connected digital enterprise solutions.

If you’re looking to take your first steps in the digital transformation journey, or want to dive deeper into the possibilities of connected-RPA and the future of work, the Partner Village should be your first stop at this year’s Blue Prism World event.

Here are a few key things to look out for from our exhibitors, giving you the ideas and tools to take your organization beyond Intelligent Automation and into the world of digital possibilities.

Access to connected-RPA leaders

Blue Prism delivers the foundation elements of automation and connected-RPA, by giving your people the power to create, build and innovate. But we don’t do this alone – our growing community of Blue Prism partners forms an incredibly skilled and flexible network of digital enterprise solutions, with Blue Prism at the center of this digital hub.

We’re exceptionally proud to partner with some of the biggest names in consulting and business services. And it’s the quality and scope of our partner ecosystem that gives you the capabilities to automate tasks, empower your people and meet the inherent needs of your business.

Meet our key exhibitors

So, who will you find exhibiting in our brand new Partner Village at this year’s Blue Prism World Orlando? We’ll have stands from Blue Prism partners across the full service range, but let’s start by introducing some of our key exhibitors.

Accenture and Avanade

As part of global management services firm, Accenture and Avanade is a leading provider of innovative digital and cloud business services. The Avanade Accenture booth will be showcasing four demos that demonstrate the breadth of their connected-RPA services:

  • Resultant allows humans to handle business exceptions that Digital Workers cannot, helping you merge human insight and automation efficiency.
  • Know Your Customer (KYC) is an RPA solution that integrates with optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract, validate and assist with customer on-boarding.
  • The Blue Prism Analytics Tool provides real-time insights into your automation project using visualizations in Power BI.
  • Intelligent Help Desk is a solution that integrates Microsoft's cognitive services from the Azure platform with text analytics, API and RPA software. Avanade’s Automation centre of excellence (CoE) experts will also be sharing how they help clients maximize Intelligent Automation value.


As one of the ‘Big Four’ professional services firms, Deloitte is a shining light in the world of business consulting. They’ve been leading the way in bringing connected-RPA to a global range of customers and industries. On their stand you’ll find out more about:

  • The key technologies driving digital transformation, including RPA, machine learning, natural language processing, and behavioral sciences.
  • The impact of Intelligent Automation on your employees, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders in your organization.
  • The value of connected-RPA, and the substantial benefits of combining robotics, intelligent automation, and other cognitive technologies to enable a new world of work.

EY (formerly Ernst & Young) is another key member of the ‘Big Four’, with an international reputation in the world of professional services and business consulting. As a long-term Blue Prism partner, they use our connected-RPA technology to solve a variety of business-critical issues for their global customer base, including:

  • Reducing costs and increasing productivity, using a Digital Workforce to bring down overheads, increase profits and give a boost to overall productivity from your processes.
  • Connecting up your processes and systems, to remove the obstacles of complex, multi-step processes that are dependent on numerous, fragmented systems.
  • Increasing process accuracy using automation to reduce the instances of data errors during transaction handling.
  • Decreasing time spent on repetitive tasks, so your staff has more time spend to time on value-add activities for customers and the wider business.

Explore the Blue Prism Ecosystem

With 30 different exhibitors packing out the Partner Village at our Orlando event, there’s a whole community of exciting digital opportunities for you to explore.

Agilify, the UK-based training and consultancy experts, will be on hand to demonstrate their ‘Automation Health Check’ services. By using these health checks, you can gain peace of mind that the critical elements of your automation program are being implemented correctly. Agilify will also be highlighting the three key areas of focus when it comes to your automation program’s health – technology, program, and process.

IBM, the multinational information technology specialists, will be profiling the Digital Workforce and its place in the future of work. As automation creates a new collaborative workforce of humans and machines, IBM will be explaining how the application of Intelligent Automation across multiple styles of work will transform employee and customer experiences.

You can also dive deeper into the connected-RPA universe with demos, presentations and expert advice from Infosys, the Indian multinational business consulting firm, KPMG, the global professional services business, and Appian, the US-based cloud computing specialists. And there’s a host of other digital providers and automation experts for you to interact with across both days of Blue Prism Word.

Bringing connected-RPA to life

The range of sponsors and exhibitors at the Orlando 2019 conference underlines just how varied, integrated and connected our Blue Prism ecosystem can be.

RPA isn’t just about algorithms carrying out repeatable processes. With Blue Prism providing the automation foundations, our partners are providing an ever-growing choice of tools, hardware and software solutions – tools that expand your automation horizons and make a real difference to you, your people, and customers.

Cognizant will be demonstrating their Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) solutions that elevate workforce productivity by automating not only mundane tasks, but also end-to-end business operations. And Accelirate, DiRWA, Signavio and PwC will all be highlighting how their solutions and services help to streamline business performance and customer experiences – creating highly efficient operations within your organization.

A helping hand for your people

The future of your business will be automated. But who will automate it? At Blue Prism, we believe that your people – the bright sparks in your team – are the key to effective automation.

Genpact will be using their deep understanding of digital technologies to show how your business can create a superior customer and employee experience through superior Intelligent Automation solutions (and beyond).

And the team at Bits In Glass will be showing their Benefits Coverage Manager application for healthcare insurers, highlighting ways to integrate Appian with Blue Prism, and demonstrating their Home Health Manager application – helping administrators manage everything around healthcare delivery at home.

Bringing some fun to the Partner Village

Digital transformation is a serious business, of course. But it’s important to remember the human angle when it comes to the applications of new technology. And the desire to entertain and have fun is a key part of being human.

SRI Infotech has constructed a physical Connect Four robot for their stand that’s been integrated with Blue Prism, allowing you to interact with Blue Prism in the physical space. Visit the SRI Infotech booth and try to beat a Blue Prism Digital Worker in a physical game of Connect Four – if you can beat the robot there are prizes to be won.

There’s more fun to be has on the RMR Technology Solutions stand too. They’ll be showing a process called ‘Do you look like a celebrity?’, allowing you to take a selfie on your cell and send it to the RMR robot, who will show you which famous faces you resemble. We can’t guarantee you’ll look like your favorite movie star, but it’s a fascinating application of artificial intelligence and facial recognition technology.

We will also be joined by a whole host of other exciting partners; Fiserv, Invoke, Lateetud, Reveal Group, RGP, Symphony, TrustPortal, and WonderBotz in the partner village, so do make sure you leave plenty of time to visit them all.

Don’t miss out: get your tickets now

The clock’s ticking and tickets for Blue Prism World Orlando 2019 are going fast. So if you don’t want to miss out on this automation and technology conference, now’s the time to secure your booking and become part of the event.

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