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Blue Prism’s Excellence Awards 2021 Are Open for Submissions

Blue Prism Excellence Awards 2021

Now in its fifth year, the Blue Prism Excellence Awards celebrates our customers’ innovation and creativity, while our Partner Excellence Awards celebrates our partners’ commitment to strengthening the Blue Prism ecosystem and delivering unwavering value.

For the past four years, our Customer and Partner Excellence Awards have highlighted compelling applications of intelligent automation across industries and across the world. With nominations increasing year after year, the rise in submissions amplifies the growing stature of intelligent automation, where it is increasingly used as a key driver of innovation and growth within businesses aiming to digitally transform their operations.

Every year, the submissions and selection process become more intense. The process to choose a winner from last year’s finalists involved a great deal of deliberation, and we expect this year to be even more competitive. The ways in which our customers and partners are using imagination and innovation is remarkable, groundbreaking and awe-inspiring.

This is our customers’ chance to showcase their inspiring innovations, creative projects and bold use of Blue Prism to transform your business, and our partner’s opportunity to prove the value they’ve added to Blue Prism’s ecosystem.

Key details about the Customer Excellence Awards

The submission period is open from February 1, 2021, through to March 5, 2021, for all Blue Prism customers. All submissions will be judged anonymously by a panel of industry leaders and influencers, representatives from last year’s winners and senior Blue Prism experts.

Read information about the Blue Prism Customer Excellence Awards and submit an entry.

Key details about the Partner Excellence Awards

Submissions are open from February 1, 2021 through to February 28, 2021, for all Blue Prism partners. All submissions will be judged anonymously by a panel of senior Blue Prism automation experts.

Read about the Blue Prism Partner Excellence Awards or to submit an entry.

I look forward to reading and promoting stories from true leaders in intelligent automation.

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