Blog | Jul 27, 2021

Broaden Your Automation Horizons

Broaden Your Automation Horizons

Michelangelo, the genius inventor, and architect of high renaissance insightfully said: "Your greatness is measured by your horizons.” As you look ahead to the future of your automations, it's important to look beyond what has been possible in the past, and to look toward what is possible today and tomorrow.

Let's start with where the traditional view of where automation has been focused. The diagram below is a simplified view of where we've been, the familiar territories and the factors often sighted as critical when deciding on what to automate.

Broaden Your Automation Horizons. The traditional view of automation. A graphic, a cycle, is displayed.

As you may already be familiar with, the traditional view of automations puts an emphasis on selecting processes that are largely rule based, prioritizing a selection of standardized processes that have set, predictable patterns. This includes processes that are high volume and repetitive, and are often routine processes that run every month, week, day, or hour. These are processes that are self-contained and would require virtually no human input, using structured data in predictable standard formats. Selecting processes with low variation on how they are handled with low number of exceptions is also quite common. And whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with automating these types of processes - the reality is you can now leverage Blue Prism portfolio of products to automate so much more.

How have the automation capabilities been transformed?

The new opportunities for automations today can be far more transformative, as we can handle more complex and less predictable processes with a higher degree of variation and exceptions. The diagram below outlines some of the tools and products in the Blue Prism portfolio that you can use to transform your automation capabilities.

Broaden Your Automation Horizons. Transformation of capabilities for automation. A graphic, a cycle, is displayed.

Today, Blue Prism offers you a wealth of products and capabilities to support you in broadening your horizons.

Use Capture to quickly build automations, even if they’re not high transaction volumes. By leveraging automated process capture, processes that would have taken many days to document can now be done in near real-time.

Use Interact to bring humans in the loop into complex workflows. Enable human workers to collaborate with digital workers in real-time and close the automation gap. You can also use Interact to manage exceptions and optimize processes to deliver seamless experiences for your organization and customers.

Use Decipher IDP to extract and work with any type of business document, whether it’s semi-structured like invoices and business forms or unstructured contracts and business letters.

Use the Robotic Operating Model to reimagine your processes end-to-end across the business and transform the way work is done, by leveraging automation intertwined with support from human workers.

Use our 2000+ 3rd party integrations to put the power of cognitive decision models in your hands, enabling you to create knowledge-based automations using some of the leading providers in this space such as Rainbird AI.

So, what should your horizon include today?

The diagram below outlines the new paradigm in suitable processes for automation today.

Broaden Your Automation Horizons. Your horizon for automation. A different cycle is displayed as graphic.

Today, your horizon for automation can include a far broader range of processes. Whether rule-based or knowledge-based, of any transaction volume, whether frequent or infrequent and with a larger variety of exceptions. You can implement long running and complex workflows that incorporate both human and digital workers operating together, and leverage any type of data source, no matter where the data is from or what format it’s in.

Your horizon for automation is only limited by imagination.