Blog | Mar 19, 2021

Certified Engage Partners – This New Offer Can Help Impact Your Pipeline Immediately

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The Problem: Your Prospects Are Hesitating

There’s nothing more impactful than trying a new product or technology firsthand. And when it comes to intelligent automation, the first step in the consideration process may feel scary.

From fears about cost, timing, new internal processes, onboarding teams, selecting the right vendor, and more, it’s natural that your enterprise prospects might feel some hesitation about making such an investment.

What if there were a way to help them ease their concerns by offering a no-strings-attached free trial, backed by your support?

Now there is.

The Unleash Launch Pack Program is a testament to Blue Prism’s commitment in supporting its Partners to help their clients achieve their Automation ambition and potential. It has given us the ability to go beyond Proof of Concepts to demonstrating actual and sustainable value to our client.
Lee Kiang Chua, Partner, EY

The Solution: The New Unleash Launch Pack

The Unleash Launch Pack is a program that is only available through our global network of Certified Engage Partners -- and was created with both you and your prospects in mind.

This offer enables your prospects to experience the Blue Prism platform under your guidance as a Certified Blue Prism Engage Partner via permitted production use of Blue Prism Digital Workers at no initial charge for the Blue Prism platform.

It includes:

  1. Up to three Digital Workers for no charge for the first six months
  2. Blue Prism’s Production Support

By delivering three of our Digital Workers and enhanced customer support package at no charge for a generous fixed term, The Unleash Launch Pack program removes barriers to entry and can help show just how powerful, flexible, secure, and scalable our Digital Worker platform truly is.

How You’ll Benefit as a Certified Engage Partner

Initial feedback from partners is that the Unleash Launch Pack has not only been helpful in addressing the long tail of customers opportunities in the market, but also in easily overcoming any objections from your customers to get started with Blue Prism.

It can help you seed early and win back customers from the competition, while driving bigger deals for services revenue and resell.

Additional benefits include:

  • Grow your pipeline with new logos and competitive replacement
  • Easily share information on ease-of-use and value-add with our customer-facing toolkit
  • Easily prove that Blue Prism is easy to start and transact with, and affordable
The Unleash Launch Pack is an extremely effective enticement, making it much easier for sponsors to move quickly and overcome typical barriers to action.
Steve LaValle, Managing Partner, WonderBotz

How to Get Your License

It’s important to note that this program is only available for a limited time, so don’t delay. The fastest way to get started is to have a conversation with your partner manager today.

From there you’ll:

  1. Fill out the Word Document Request Form on the Partner Portal
  2. Complete the Deal Registration Form on the Partner Portal (where you’ll select “Unleash Launch Pack Promo” as the lead source and attach the request form from above)
  3. Your partner manager will escalate the request for review and, if approved, you’ll receive a license within 5 days

Next Steps

Learn more about The Unleash Launch Pack on the Partner Portal, and be sure to start a conversation with your Partner Manager today as this offer is only available for a limited time.

For general questions, email us at [email protected].

We’re here to help and look forward to supporting your success with the Unleash Launch Pack!