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Blog | Oct 17, 2022

DXC Attains Dual SS&C Blue Prism Certification in Delivery & Capability

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DXC Technology, a leading Fortune 500 global technology services provider, has been awarded by SS&C Blue Prism the certified Gold Delivery Provider and Silver Capability statuses. Through partnership with SS&C Blue Prism, DXC Technology combines the availability of the cloud with the power of robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation (IA) to enable organizations’ business processes to be digitized and modernized. SS&C Blue Prism’s digital workforce can be scaled on-demand and leverages the latest cloud technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses today.

Helping customers modernize business processes

For an organization to stay competitive and agile, modernization or reinventing business processes is crucial. However, the emphasis on efficiency and cost-effectiveness is no longer enough. What is more important for growth and resilience in today’s landscape is leveraging cloud-based business processes as a service, or RPA as a service, to help accelerate agility and innovation. We’ve witnessed this in Taiwan where a leading local insurance organization has entrusted DXC to drive operational efficiency with the implementation of digital workers as part of their digitization in three environments. This limits the need for direct IT involvement.

Automating internal notifications of security incidents saves the insurance firm up to 88 hours monthly, and the digital workforce has assisted in batch job preparation, execution and monitoring for Cloud Platform Services. Over 340 hours have been saved from the various implementations of automation in security patches, detecting abnormalities and server patch management, etc.

In another instance, a leading local financial services firm in Hong Kong engaged DXC and SS&C Blue Prism to establish a distinct center of excellence with pilot automation of seven processes. DXC’s consulting, project management and delivery experience enabled the customer to define ownership structures, driving a change in performance management and delivering a vision of digital workforce management and governance. A transition plan was also established to ensure business continuity during business disruptions.

Moving towards a cloud-based service model

“As more organizations are transitioning towards a cloud-based service model to fuel innovation, intelligent automation, scalability and agility will be key. DXC is set to deliver measurable value tied to business outcomes for our customers with our RPA as a service model.”

Abdallah Zabian, practice partner for Analytics, ASEAN, DXC Technology  

“The certification demonstrates an independent assurance of the quality measured by our customers through successful completion of engagements with our partners. The partnership with DXC brings together innovative robotic process automation technology to drive agility with our customers as they harness the power of innovation to reinvent and automate their business processes. Our partners’ commitment to delivery and capability is also instrumental in SS&C Blue Prism maintaining our leadership position in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Completeness of Vision and Ability to Execute four years in a row.”

James Lucas, vice president, ASEAN & Greater China, SS&C Blue Prism

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