Blog | Jun 2, 2021

Embracing the Citizen Developer in the Intelligent Automation Era – Part IV

How do you cultivate a citizen development model?

How do you cultivate a citizen development model?

Gartner coined the term “citizen developer” as a new way of enabling business users to build their own solutions using no-code or low-code technology. The concept of citizen development is quickly gaining traction, with several companies adopting their own flavor. In fact, Gartner reported that about 61% of the enterprises with automation programs are in the process of rolling out their own citizen developer initiative.

So how do you build momentum around the automation citizen developer model at your organization? The following chart covers three proven approaches that many Blue Prism customers have utilized successfully:

How do you cultivate a citizen development model?

It’s also important to highlight the critical role that top-down leadership plays in driving energy around citizen development. Paul Ferguson, VP of Finance Shared Services at Emerson, describes it this way: “At Emerson, we have great executive support. As they go out and do their business reviews, they ask questions like ‘What's your status of automation?’ And that really drives these different business units and functions to come back to us (COE) to provide assistance.”


Blue Prism promotes the empowerment of business users within the enterprise, one that is also centrally governed and controlled through IT for enterprise quality, security, and compliance. Whether automations are developed within a COE or by citizen developers, the centralized governance and management of these automations on premise or in the cloud provides a secure, 100% auditable, and highly scalable environment.

We continue to welcome and support citizen developers across the Blue Prism ecosystem of employees, customers and partners!

A special thanks to Kalyani Pingle and Ashish Easow for their contributions to this Blog Series!