Blog | Dec 6, 2019

FinServ Innovation via Intelligent Automation

Mashreq Thumb

Few banks in the world have embraced digital innovation across the enterprise to the extent of Mashreq Bank. One of UAE's leading financial institutions with a growing retail presence in the region including Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain, Mashreq focuses on providing customers with access to a wide range of innovative products and services, making it one of the highest performing banks in the region, servicing one in every two households in the UAE.

The cornerstone of Mashreq’s philosophy is to focus on innovation across its organization to maintain its digital leadership position in the region. From its back office operations in India to its customer branches across the UAE, Mashreq has made investment in technology- based solutions front and center of its transformation strategy. “We believe the need for continued innovation is the mantra to remaining the leader,” says Sandeep Chouhan, Group Head – Operations and Technology.

Mashreq has invested in transforming the branch network to make them future-ready. By integrating Blue Prism digital workers into transactions, they can provide a quicker, more seamless and improved customer experience- all delivered at a lower cost and at a greater scale. Mashreq has already achieved several major milestones in transforming its front and back-end processes in in what it calls its “disruption journey” with an incredible 97% of transactions originated and processes digitally and 80% of non- financial transactions now run by automatic processes.

Deploying Blue Prism’s Digital Workers as the foundation for its connected-Robotic Process Automation, Mashreq has been able to easily introduce AI and Machine Learning technologies, enabling it to move the boundaries in the level of capabilities it can give to the business. For example, in some areas, Mashreq has been able to increase the level of Straight Through Processing from 80% to 100%.

To find out more about how Mashreq is using Blue Prism on its Digital Transformation journey, watch: