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Blog | May 10, 2022

5 Reasons to Choose Blue Prism Cloud®

Five Reasons to Choose Blue Prism Cloud RPA
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Combining intelligent automation (IA) and human ingenuity is fast becoming the only way to stay ahead of the competition. Every day brings new possibilities for IA to drive your business. Without a doubt, IA is the future of enterprise processes, and scalability must be considered from the start — making cloud delivery of IA business-critical.

There are many IA cloud service providers in this fast-moving and emerging market. Here are five reasons why you should choose Blue Prism Cloud:

1. Customers value our experience

SS&C Blue Prism has been around the block, with 20 years of experience in enterprise robotic process automation, coining the term ‘RPA.’ We’ve provided a cloud RPA platform for close to ten years, evolving RPA towards IA during this time, and offered the first fully managed and hosted cloud services provider for IA.

Our platform is proven, secure and trusted by customers. We have more than 2,000 customers in over 170 countries and 70 industry verticals using Blue Prism – 30 percent of them in the Forbes Global 2000. We have a world-class team of service industry experts, with many from the outsourcing industry.

“I would recommend Blue Prism Cloud to anybody. The team is knowledgeable and supportive and driving us forward to success. My experience with Blue Prism is extremely positive. As a project manager, it's been a pleasure to work with a supplier in this way,” says Sarah Burn, senior project manager, Care Quality Commission.

We also work with a trusted network of certified partners and over 10,000 certified developers across technology partners. Our tried and tested Blue Prism® Robotic Operating Model™ is built on 20 years of customer and partner experience. We can offer the largest marketplace for digital workers with continually tested API and UI-based connections, saving 1.24 million DIY hours in the last two years.

We support more than 2,000 digital workers for customers, freeing center of excellence teams to build more automations more quickly. Listen to Purna Doddapaneni, head of automation center of excellence, Bain & Company, and a Blue Prism Cloud user, discuss his experience with building out RPA as a service.

2. A fully-managed cloud platform tailored to you

We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your business and customers. With cloud delivery, you can forget about the nuts and bolts of your IA platform and concentrate on outcomes and results.

We know your IT team has its hands full. You can rely on us to take care of supporting, maintaining, upgrading and monitoring the platform to ensure 99.9% uptime.

You won’t need to worry about asking IT to install new applications and client VPNs — you can leave that to us. Our site-to-site VPN forms a secure, persistent connection between the digital workforce resources and your environment.

Our cloud platform isn’t one-size-fits-all. It will reflect your business needs and processes. Our bespoke service will get you up and running on a dedicated platform that’s tailored to you — while having the flexibility to scale to your growing needs.

Our unparalleled, target resolution time service level agreement (SLA) means you don’t have to worry about downtime. We also offer customized SLAs for support and service request response times and resolution targets.

We can get you started on cloud IA quickly with a comprehensive service, from process discovery to running digital workers. Sysco, the world’s largest broadline food distributor, serving over 600,000 clients in 90 countries, was faced with scaling up its fledgling automation program almost overnight at the beginning of the pandemic. Working on Blue Prism Cloud, its small automation team, comprising 9 human workers and 12 digital workers, quickly grew to 60 digital workers who collectively processed 6.2 million transactions and returned more than 250,000 work hours to the business.

3. Highly secure cloud platform

We have more than 18,000 financial services and healthcare customers, so we understand your security concerns. Our cloud platform is robust enough to meet the security demands of regulated markets. It’s centrally managed and continuously monitored.

Our cloud IA platform is secure by design. You’ll have a dedicated platform with no shared resources. As mentioned, we don’t need to install your VPNs on our machines because we offer site-to-site VPN connections.

There’s no Internet access to your platform. Firewall ports default to closed. We carry out regular penetration testing and comply with standards including ISO27001 and HIPAA. Core platform updates include Windows updates, as well as threat and vulnerability detection for the whole platform.

The platform features embedded auditing with everything logged, recorded and locked away. The logs are so complete and non-refutable that customers can take the logs to court as proof. It’s always possible to tell whether a human or a digital worker acted.

Security and compliance are important to Central England Co-operative, one of the UK’s biggest independent retailers. HR colleagues were inundated with repetitive work relating to keeping employee records in compliance with the law. Using Blue Prism Cloud, digital workers, working alongside the HR department, have processed and cleared more than 10,000 obsolete employee records from their database.

“Intelligent automation is not only helping improve the colleague experience for us, but it’s also keeping us legal and compliant with legislation in the UK. For me, these two things demonstrate the power of the technology,” says Scott Worth, performance and productivity improvement manager, Central England Co-operative.

4. You can trust us

You can trust us to keep the lights on — we’re the only vendor that has target resolution times as part of our SLAs.

Regulated industries trust Blue Prism Cloud. 83 Trusts and Health Boards in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) are among the many organizations that trust Blue Prism with their business. By leveraging Blue Prism Cloud, one of our healthcare customers, The East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) was able to ensure that more than 15,000 appointments were rescheduled and not missed. Automating the process of appointment rescheduling saved £48,000 in the first week.

“When you think that we’re seeing these benefits in just one hospital in our Trust, you can begin to imagine the impact that this type of service would have if deployed more widely in the NHS,” says Darren Atkins, chief technology officer (Artificial Intelligence and Automation), ESNEFT.

ESNEFT also used Blue Prism Cloud to reduce the time it takes to process an appointment referral from 20 to five minutes, releasing 500 hours of staff time and saving £220,000.

5. Our solution includes everything you need for your intelligent automation 

Our fully comprehensive offering, from process discovery to running digital workers, reduces time to automation by up to 75 percent.  Blue Prism Cloud provides everything you need for your intelligent automation journey, including:

  • Preconfigured and custom digital workers
  • Process assessment and capture
  • Task mining and process mining
  • Intelligent document processing
  • Human-in-the-loop 
  • Automated decisions
  • Intelligent orchestration

Our one license model includes the full stack of Blue Prism products, with everything you need for development, test and production environments. Once your cloud processes are up and running, intelligent and dynamic workload allocation optimizes the digital workforce based on SLAs and priorities. You can bring in more digital workers to support your human workforce as, and when, you need to.

“We have run small, successful RPA projects over the past four years but now it’s time for us to scale the benefits of this technology. The Blue Prism Cloud platform will help us accelerate our plans and make it easier for us to expand the range of functions we support rapidly,” says Marc Hadwin, head of digital services, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay .

Learn how healthcare trusts are applying intelligent automation to improve patient experience and reduce staff workload.

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