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How to Get Intelligent Automation-driven Work Transformation Done

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Current events have hit home the importance of acting with speed and agility when dealing with major global disruption. What’s also very clear is those organizations that haven’t swiftly adopted intelligent automation technologies have been left struggling to respond effectively. They’ve relied instead on slow, inefficient, processes, disparate legacy IT infrastructure, rigid structures and constrained resources.

Looking forward, the good news is that intelligent automation technologies are advancing at breath-taking pace. They’re augmenting AI and other blended cognitive capabilities, to deliver a far broader range of evermore complex workflow automations – and across a wider landscape of operating environments.

The stratospheric promise of intelligent automation is compelling, enabling work to be performed much smarter and faster; leading to increased operational agility, resilience, productivity and efficiency gains across front to back office. In fact, ask any major enterprise what’s one of the top items on their boardroom agenda and the resounding response would be intelligent automation. It’s the future of any digital business.

And that’s great, but the key question now is not just what to automate; it’s how easy and how fast can the benefits be gained – and at scale. The faster organizations absorb intelligent automation’s potential, the quicker they’ll gain a competitive edge within their sector.

Fast forwarding intelligent automation

Cloud capabilities are already addressing these challenges, shaping the future of intelligent automation by making its adoption easier than ever on open, ready-to-run, platforms. We’re seeing a fundamental shift in the marketplace, especially how intelligent automation is consumed and that a cloud first, ‘as-a-service’ approach will be the go-to strategy for customers who are looking to adopt a digital workforce. The Blue Prism Cloud perfectly complements our vision.

It’s therefore great that we’re now recognized as Blue Prism Cloud’s first Global Managed Services Partner, which swiftly follows our recent gold service and delivery provider certification. This partnership will help customers to safely accelerate consumption of intelligent automation and provide a quick path to a greater return on investment when utilizing Blue Prism’s RPA platform.

These joint capabilities include our true vanguard ‘robot-as-a-service’ (RAAS) delivery model, making intelligent automation significantly more accessible via one platform to both the SME & enterprise markets. We’re excited about continuing to support a wide variety of organizations on their journeys within Blue Prism’s eco-system, so they swiftly achieve value from digital work transformation.

Intelligent automation sorted and actioned

What makes us different from others is our success rate of delivering the benefits from intelligent automation at scale. While many organizations fail to progress beyond a handful of process automations, our clients realize the exponential benefits it delivers. It’s our simple ‘get intelligent automation done’ approach that accelerates organizations’ digital journeys. This is realized by our RAAS cloud-based delivery model that provides the fastest, easiest, most flexible and accessible way for any size of organization to achieve value from intelligent automation.

We’re offering Blue Prism Cloud digital workers pre-integrated with AI and other cognitive skills, as an instantly scalable, on demand, ready to perform any type of work across front to back-office operations. From the point of opportunity identification, our service delivers the design, build, test, deployment and support for every digital worker. Performance is continually monitored and optimized, with the potential to scale up resource on demand, in tune with business needs. In fact, here’s an example of what a successful outcome looks like.

When Pets At Home faced increased online orders, combined with less warehouse staff due to COVID-19, the retailer urgently needed to contact customers and advise them on potential order delays. In only two days, we designed, tested and ran a ‘customer deliveries’ automated process performed by Blue Prism’s digital workers. Over 25,000 customers were reached and advised on order status by email or text – and all were updated in just one evening. This delivered a number of ‘wins’ including relieving mass strain from the contact center, less cancelations, increased customer satisfaction – while reducing pressure on supply chain and stock management systems.

Final thoughts

Since 2016, we’ve been helping over 50 multi-national organizations including Jaguar Land Rover, Co-operative Group and Pets at Home, achieve intelligent automation-driven transformation. We’ve enabled them to drive greater speed, accuracy, productivity, efficiency and innovation - across their business, which has improved customer experience and employee performance. Ultimately, those organizations that embrace intelligent automation capabilities, expertly choreographed by us, step by step - will soon be experiencing these benefits - in weeks, rather than months.

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