Blog | Jul 10, 2020

Getting to Market Faster: How to Improve Clinical Trials with RPA

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In this era of Covid-19 the speed and efficiency of clinical trials is mission critical. Trials to find effective treatments and vaccines for this unprecedented disease are underway throughout the world and time is of the essence. There are many considerations and factors that lead to successful trials, from the site teams to procedures, compliance, and technology. The combination of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and robust eClinical platforms are the key to managing and unifying all elements of the Clinical Development Lifecycle in a safe, secure, and compliant manner, while also being open, collaborative, and adaptive to change.

Ideally you need an electronic data capture solution that integrates with your RPA platform to deliver an automated clinical trial technique in order to reduce clinical trial timelines, cost, and risk. Combining Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce with Oracle’s InForm solution helps pharmaceutical organizations improve clinical trial efficacy and ensure regulatory compliance. Automating what is currently a manual, labor intensive and time-consuming process allows study teams to ensure accurate data and SDV levels.

Intelligent Automation: The Most Efficient Clinical Trial Monitoring Technique

In the case of clinical trials, automations around the creation of report visualizations now reduce human error and save the team significant hours annually. It currently takes entire teams to pull the same reports on a daily basis over and over again to compare the data and look for changes in the variance level. Now, a Blue Prism Digital Worker can log into Oracle InForm and pull reports, read them and look for any variance level changes. The Digital Worker is spun up in its own virtual environment and can work on multiple tasks as needed and with 100% accuracy.

To further demonstrate how these two solutions work together to facilitate faster and easier critical decisions, check out the demo.